Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 Review – The Promise 128 Written by: Jake Coburn and Ben Sokolowski

Directed by: Glen Winter Aired: Wednesday 5th March 2014

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we treading opzioni binarie Previously on Arrow (it will be brief) Sara wanted to mend her sister ship with Laurel, but her relationship with Oliver threw a spanner in the works. After arguing with Oliver, Laurel went to AA meetings and want to reconcile with Sara.

see  Whilst, Felicity felt insecure within Sara’s prescience and sought to overcompensate, but after she took a bullet in the shoulder, Oliver reassured that she’s an essential part of team Arrow.

go to site  But, of course the best was left to last when Oliver came face-to-face with Slade, who was having a meeting with Moira.


The present day

The episode picks up just after Slade and Oliver have been introduced, for Slade has made a generous contribution to Moira’s campaign and plans to continue supporting her. As they all talk – Slade, Moira and Oliver – Slade makes references to the island that only Oliver understands.

 When Moira asks if Slade has someone special, he says that there was someone but she passed away a few years earlier to which Oliver retorts that he and his mother have dealt with loss and learned to just move on. Moira leaves, so Oliver takes the opportunity to stab Slade, but he obviously sensed that it was coming and stopped him just as Thea arrives. They all go off to see the Queen family art collection while Oliver dials Felicity’s number.

 In the Arrow Cave, Roy is training (shirtless) with a bow under the tutelage of Sara. Felicity answers and puts it on speaker where Sara recognises Slade’s voice and that Oliver needs their help. Diggle brings along their biggest gun, while Sara enlists Roy’s help for he had the same amount of Mirakuru (I didn’t know this is how you spell it) in his system like Slade.

 Sara sneaks into the house while Roy uses the front door calling for Thea. Roy and Slade shake hands where it seems that Slade or Roy were attempting to crush the other’s hands, while Sara comes down the stairs, much to Slade’s surprise or dismay – and maybe a bit of hurt.

 They all square off, but Slade bids Moira farewell as Oliver volunteers to walk him to his car, while Diggle is knocked out at his post. Oliver realises that Cyrus Gold and his like were all working for Slade to which he replies that he has his own allies.

 When Oliver asks Slade what he wants, Slade replies, “Five years ago I made you a promise. Do you remember? Well, I’m here to fulfil it,”

 We are left with the shot of three monitors filled with camera feeds from the Queen house that Slade had planted there during his tour.


The island (flashback)

The island flashback opens with a shirtless training Oliver, we can see him getting better at using his bow and arrows, and this is to prepare him to take Ivo’s freighter. As Slade makes plans to attack, Oliver takes Sara aside; he wants to destroy the Mirakuru so Ivo can’t have it, to their surprise, Slade agrees so they burn the chest.

 Sara warns Oliver that Ivo will blame him for Shado’s death to turn Slade against him, but she tells him that he must kill Ivo before he can do this and cause Slade to lose control again. That night, the three of them all share a drink; Oliver asks Sara to tell his family that he had changed if he dies. In turn, Sara asks Oliver to tell her family that she had died on the Gambit so the memory of her will be remembered.

 After dreaming about Shado where she asks him why didn’t he save her, Oliver wakes and dons the hood for the first time while Slade wears the Deathstroke mask. On the beach, Oliver lights a bonfire with a flaming arrow to catch Ivo’s attention on the ship, who sends a couple of his men to the island to catch them. Before they split up, Slade reflects that when he and Oliver first tried to get off the island together they were strangers, but now they are brothers. When Ivo’s men reach the beach, they see that Oliver is waiting then he flees, but he trips and is soon captured and taken to the ship, where he befriends Reverend Thomas Flynn before being taken to Ivo who injects Oliver with sodium pentothal – truth serum. Oliver answers the questions, admitting that the bonfire was a distraction, and that Sara and Slade are in the engine room which is in fact another distraction, plus we learn that Sara gave Oliver a counter agent to Ivo’s drugs resulting in Oliver faking his performance.

 Sara and Slade use the parachute to land on the freighter. Oliver meets up with them during the panic. They split up, and Sara frees the prisoners. One of them tries to kill Sara, but is saved by Flynn. Oliver reaches Ivo just as there is an explosion, he holds Ivo at arrow point while Ivo, as predicted, puts the blame for Shado’s death on Oliver – and Slade overhears the entire thing causing him to take out his rage on Oliver as the ship explodes with fire, gunfire and violence. Oliver meets up with Sara and Flynn, Sara convinces him that they need to get back to the shore, so several prisoners jump overboard, but just as Oliver jumps Slade grabs his leg and flings his back on board with the strength of the Mirakuru, he flings him into a cell, and takes control of the ship when he kills the captain.

 The prisoners and Sara reaches the beach while Slade has Oliver dragged out of his cell, where Slade reveals that he took some of the Mirakuru then hands Ivo a gun asking him to show him how he killed Shado, so Ivo points the gun at a battered Oliver while he pleads with Slade, before Ivo can do anything, Slade cuts off his hand and has Ivo taken away. Slade tells Oliver, “You cannot die until you have suffered exactly how I’ve suffered. Not until you have known complete despair. And you will, I promise that,”


How exactly will Slade enact his revenge on Oliver? Will Thea learn the truth about her real father?


The next episode of Arrow – Suicide Squad – will air on March 19th


Here is the promo for the next episode

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