The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 – Gone Girl 136

go site Written by: Melinda Hsu Taylor

citas online itv Directed by: Lance Anderson

follow site Aired: Thursday 6th March 2014  

watch Time has finally come for Katherine Pierce and her crazy plans to come to an end, also Bonnie learns an incredible secret.  The episode starts with Nadia remembering her centuries-long search for mother in 1560, and goes to a man to help find her, the reason why Nadia is having these recollections are due to the werewolf bite that she received from Tyler. Katherine is taking care of her in the warehouse.  

envoyé spécial petites rencontres pour grandes vacances Nadia wants to know if Katherine asked Klaus for his blood, but she doesn’t want to do that. So Katherine had called Dr Wes for help for he says that he can study werewolf venom and make an antidote Katherine promises to save Nadia’s life. This actually shows that Katherine isn’t such a hard bitch as she was before and that she can love others rather than herself like most of the time.


Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline tells everyone (Matt, Tyler, Bonnie, Jeremy and Damon) about Katherine inhabiting Elena’s body and they are all upset for they didn’t even realise that anything was wrong. They want to corner her, but Tyler reveals that he had taken a nip out of Nadia. So, they pretend to throw a surprise birthday party for Bonnie, which Elena HAS to go to, but Katherine/Elena says she can’t go so Bonnie also calls her and asks if they can meet up for coffee which Katherine/Elena makes another excuse.

 Stefan feeds Damon four ounces of vampire blood to keep him going, barely. There was a moment where Damon thought that Caroline was just a dumb blonde for Stefan said that Caroline had worked out how much to give him. Katherine calls Damon to meet up, and he says yes, come to the house. Katherine now knows that they know, but Damon knows Katherine knows that they know (Confused? So was I)


Back in France in 1720, Nadia is searching for Katerina again in her memories. In reality, Katherine has taken Nadia to a church to keep her safe, but Damon comes up with a clever plan to do a locator spell (again). So they find Liv again to do a spell where she’s all over Jeremy in front of Bonnie. Tyler babysits Damon, who antagonises him, Tyler falls for Damon’s trap, to get into the cell and feed on him causing Damon to be on the loose.

 Bonnie tries to help Liv, but she’s still flirty-flirty with Jeremy while trying to be all witchy-witchy, she does manage to find out that Katherine is at a church.


Wes is finished with the antidote when Damon arrives and starts to torture Wes, this is when Damon starts knifing Wes’ eye. Nadia is remembering the night she slept with Rebekah and Matt, which is how she manages to find Katherine. Katherine, meanwhile, finds Wes dead on his surgical table, when Stefan calls her from Nadia’s phone telling her that he has Nadia, and that she can either run or see her daughter one last time before she dies. (Decisions, decisions)


Matt is at Nadia’s deathbed and she asks for his forgiveness thinking that he’s Gregor. Katherine shows up dramatically to see her daughter and tells her that she won’t be leaving her again. Nadia starts to speak not realising who she’s talking to and says that Katherine is a liar and a person who betrays everyone (this was a heart breaking scene to watch) Katherine shows Nadia what their life would have been through a memory, as Nadia watches, she starts to desiccate and dies in Katherine’s arms, and passes on to The Other Side, smiling as she watches Katherine saying that she loves her daughter.

 Katherine, knowing that her time is up, says her farewells to everyone in typical Katherine style, she kisses Stefan one last time before Stefan stabs her with the Traveller’s knife.


Jeremy suggests they better bury Nadia’s body in the woods, but Matt thinks otherwise and takes her body somewhere else. Stefan and Damon wait for Elena to wake, while Stefan wants to know what Damon will do when she does wake and he says he will tell her everything. Tyler and Caroline talk which results in Caroline saying that she doesn’t need to be hearing about her mistakes all the time and that Tyler needs to get over it or get out of her life. (Go on, Caroline)

 Bonnie is at the church where they found Nadia, she lights a candle for her dad. Katherine appears its her ghost for she is officially dead, but before she goes onwards, Katherine departs her last words to Bonnie saying that she’s sick of Elena getting everything she wants and that Wes made the ripper virus more lethal to vampires, for Katherine infected herself aka Elena with the ripper virus. At the same time, Elena wakes up and sees that Damon and Stefan are there, but she finds a syringe in her jacket pocket.

 Katherine is ready to pass to The Other Side, but when she touches Bonnie nothing happens, she doesn’t past through. Bonnie says its not up to her who goes through to which Katherine says, “Who is it up to?” There is a giant wind storm that forces Katherine down the aisles (you can tell that she’s literally scared for her life) and through the doors and gets lifted to the sky as Bonnie watches in horror at what happened and what she had just learned.


R.I.P – Wes Maxfield, Nadia and Katerina Petrova


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The next episode of The Vampire Diaries – While You Were Sleeping – airs on the 20th


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