Having first come to public attention back in 1995 with his band The Skastafarians who won Conan O’Brien’s 10th Annual College Band Search, and then turning his attention to creating and sharing heartfelt power-pop with The Inevitable Breakups who split in 2007, Daniel Stampfel has always had a close affiliation to music. After spending a few years away from the scene, he returned in 2012 under the name At The Moment, and released the Monte Carlo EP.

The three-track collection saw a new chapter in Stampfel’s musical legacy established, one which would lead him to turn his one-man show into a full band, recruiting Dan Van Epp on guitar, Matt James on drums, Turner Stough on bass and Emma DeCorsey on back-up vocals. Together, the newly-formed group delighted music fans with ragged and stripped down-pop rock, earning themselves a growing fan-base across the country in the process.

Now, in preparation and as a tease for the release new album In For A Ride on June 23rd, Thisisthelatest are delighted to premiere the video for At The Moment’s new single “No Straight Line” which you can check out below.

Asked about the concept behind the video, Dan says:

“When trying to think of ideas for the video I wanted something that utilized the whole band.  It’s a rock n’ roll song and it just made sense to have footage of us performing.  I also thought it would be really neat to play out the verses in animation.  I felt the animation could tell the story of the verses better than live action, particularly the 3rd verse in which flying was involved.  I was able to get Bill Moldt to do the animation. Bill had worked with my friend Steve Schiltz who produced At The Moment’s prior release Monte Carlo EP.   Bill was great.  He has a wonderful way of telling a story in a thoughtful and nuanced way.  He really picks up on the small details, which I like. 

For the live action filming/editing we were able to get filmmaker, Ryan McGilloway.  Ryan is such a pleasure to work with.  He’s got a positive and energetic attitude, but I was particularly drawn to his cinematography.  I really like the way he films people both visually and aesthetically in a way that you connect with the subject.  Bill and Ryan both did an amazing job of bringing this video to life, and I was really fortunate to work with them.”

For more information on At The Moment, visit their website, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.


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Championed by Rolling Stone last year and named one of their ‘Ten New Country Artists You Need To Know’, Emily Faye’s passion for music stretches far beyond the short time she’s been in the spotlight as a star in her own right. Having gone from writing songs in her bedroom and studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, she’s now released her debut EP called Here I Am.

Opening with “Open Road”, the collection gets off to a great and upbeat start, thanks to Faye’s soft, almost innocent vocal perfectly being perfectly paired with a toe-tapping country rhythm. “Giving In” is much slower, but maintains the EP’s focus on Faye’s vocal talents as she delivers the tracks’ strong, emotive lyrics that hold a a hint of defiance and rebellion in them.

“Game Over” is the kind of track that deserves to be played when listeners are taking a summer’s day drive with their friends. There’s an unmistakable ‘freedom and exploration’ vibe to the song – a perfect accompaniment to the upcoming summer break – that is sure to have the piece put on repeat.

Written about being comfortable with someone; a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or friend, who loves you for you, no matter what, there’s a reflective, deeply emotive and connective feel to closing number “Me For Me”, and as someone who has always struggled with self-confidence, the song reminded me that I have people in my life who wouldn’t and don’t want me to change who or how I am.

The EP as a whole has a very almost old-school, traditional feel to it, making it stand out from the many other releases of recent weeks and months that have focused more on the modern music styles which dominate the charts and the industry in general. The collection is a fantastic introduction to one of the hottest names in country music right now and will certainly have fans eager to see where Emily Faye goes and what she creates with her talent next.


Having first discovered his passion for song-writing and performing in gospel music, Sterling Infinity’s voice soon earned him attention from anyone fortunate enough to witness him on a stage and he quickly moved from performing in churches to playing historic and iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall.

Now, here in 2018, Sterling has embraced his love of pop music and intertwined it with flashes of R&B and house styles, to create the persona and the sound that so many have come to know and love. With an empowering, captivating vocal prowess – a seemingly effortless range and a stunning rich vibrato – Sterling’s career continues to go from strength to strength as more and more music fans on both sides of the Atlantic discover his gift for themselves.

With comparisons to the likes of much loved and much missed icons including David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Prince, Sterling Infinity is now set to launch himself further onto the global stage with the release of his self-titled deluxe edition album on July 20th. In the meantime, ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to premiere his new and deeply hypnotic single “#Hypnotized (Pyramid Black Remix)”, about which Sterling says:

“When I wrote and arranged the track, I wanted to write something that was timeless and would never be dated – that people of the future would still love the beat and rhythm. For me, house music is timeless. This is synth-rock meets house.”

Give “#Hypnotized” a listen below and for more information on Sterling Infinity, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.