As an individual who supports both LBGTQ communities and anti-bullying projects, actor Evan Daigle is an enthusiastic man. Most recently seen on screen in TNT comedy Claws, for which he begins filming season 2 in December, he’s a fan of Jessica Chastain and fine art. Here, he talks to ThisIsTheLatest about his early career ambitions, favourite movies and future plans.

TITL: Has acting always been the career path you’ve wanted to take or did you consider other avenues at one point?

Evan Daigle: I thought for most of my life I would be a visual artist. I was mainly focused on fine art up until I was 20 when I began studying theatre. When I discovered the power and joy that acting gave me, I made the decision to pursue a career in it.

TITL: Can you recall the first film or TV show you saw that really had an impact on you?

ED: Honestly, yes. Hocus Pocus was the first film I remember as a kid being absolutely obsessed with.

TITL: What are your three favourite films/TV shows and why?

ED: It’s very difficult for me to narrow my long list of favorites down. Right now, the first that came to my head was the 2015 film adaption of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. I love it because it’s the best period accurate film adaptation of a Shakespeare play I’ve seen. I also love the second season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Asylum. Ryan is an extremely innovative filmmaker and this particular piece of his was so amazingly acted by Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto that it makes my list! And finally, I’ll have to add the film Prisoners by Denis Villeneuve. I love the thriller genre and to me this is a damn near perfect one.

TITL: Tell me about your new TNT dramedy Claws. What was it about the premise of the show that made you want to audition?

ED: Claws is about a group of five women who work at and launder money through a nail salon in south Florida. The women work with the Dixie Mafia, led by the head gangster, Uncle Daddy.  As someone at the beginning of their acting career, you pretty much audition for whatever your agents get you. However for Claws, I was especially excited to audition because I’ve been a fan of Eliot Laurence since I saw his film Welcome To Me. It’s been such a blessing to have landed in such a great show.

TITL: How would you sum up your character Toby?

ED: I would sum Toby up as shy, expressive, and liberated.

TITL: Do you have any regrets over leaving university to film the show, and do you plan to go back and finish your theatre and communications courses?

ED: No. I ultimately do not. This job has opened the door to the career that I was in school learning to be able to do. Now that I’m in it, I’ve realized the best acting training is on-the-job training. So, as of now, I have no plans to return to school. I was however able to complete all my theatre courses before leaving school, which has proved itself incredible valuable while working on set.

TITL: Which TV show, past or present, would you most like to star in and why?

ED: Off the top of my head I would say Twin Peaks. It’s one of my favorites and it’s so culturally iconic that I would have loved to have been a part of it. I think David Lynch has mastered the film medium. I’m also loving the newest season.

TITL: If you could put your dream cast together with four actors/actresses living or dead, who would you choose?

ED: I love this question! I would have Jessica Chastain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar Isaac, and Carrie Preston and we would do a Shakespeare play!

TITL: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline you can tell me about?

ED: As of now I’m focused on building my team out here in Los Angeles. Other than that, I’ll start filming season two of Claws in New Orleans in December of this year.

TITL: Looking ahead, whose career would you most like to emulate and why?

ED: Although I believe acting to be such an individualistic journey, and attempting to directly emulate another actor’s career can be problematic for your own, I’ve always admired Jessica Chastain’s career. She’s still young but her intense power, true versatility and near flawless film acting is something I think sets her apart from many actors right now. She, as a person, also appears to be quite humble and a true artist which I love. I would like to emulate her concept of, at her level, doing projects that push issues one believes in forward and to challenge one’s self as an actor to seek roles which are pushing your own artistic boundaries. She’s my acting idol.

TITL: Away from acting, you’re a fan of fine art and are an oil painter. What is it about that art medium that you’re so interested in and do you have any plans to perhaps showcase any of your work?

ED: I grew up thinking I wanted a career as a painter, I even studied for a year at an art college in Orange County after high school. I love oil in particular because it’s an extremely challenging medium but, once mastered, the artist can achieve a high level of realism with it which I aim for. I’m super focused on acting right now but I always paint and will hopefully pursue some showcasing of it in the future.

TITL: You’re also a supporter of LGBTQ communities and anti-bullying causes. What is it about those two issues/groups that makes you want to do what you can to help? Have you experienced bullying yourself?

ED: I grew up feeling sometimes as though my natural way of being was against the norm. I was always more “feminine” than what was perceived to be appropriate. As I got older I began to feel more comfortable being myself and being around others who loved me for me.

I think we all at some point experience bullying. I unfortunately went through really rough times with it especially when I was a child. I always had the support of my loving family however. I support the LGBTQ community because, as a queer man myself and playing a queer character on television, I believe it is the natural thing for me to do.

TITL: Finally then, what advice would you give to any aspiring actors/actresses out there who dream finding their way in this ever competitive industry? Is there any one piece of advice you’ve been given that you often reflect on and what keeps you going when things get tough?

ED: I believe that acting is a sort of calling on one’s soul. It’s an artistic — as well as a spiritual — experience for me. It’s such a competitive business: it’s a lot of work for a lot of rejection. Actors who are true actors cannot live without it. It’s why we put ourselves through the rejection.

If I had to give some advice it would be to focus on living your truest self in your everyday life. Nourish relationships, expose yourself to different ways of being and people, eat well and exercise, all the while training your acting skills. Focusing on the things we can control helps us ride the wave of the lack of control we mostly have as actors. I don’t have to tell another aspiring actor not to give up, because if you really are an actor then it isn’t an option for you.

For more information and to keep up-to-date with Evan, follow him on Twitter. Header photo credit: Maiwenn Raoult.

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With a flair for rather theatrical performances and a growing fan-base, especially in the US where his track “Lights Down Low” has been one of the biggest hits of the past year, MAX is a name more and more people are sure to become aware of in the next few months. Ahead of his opening slot supporting Fall Out Boy on their UK tour, ThisIsTheLatest met with him backstage at Manchester Arena to chat

TITL: For those as yet unfamiliar with you and your music, who exactly is MAX? How would you describe yourself in four words?

MAX: Energetic, soulful, glittery – it’s always hard to describe yourself – and slay. SLAYYYY – with a lot of y’s.

TITL: I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone use that word before…

M: Oh really? Awesome. I say it a lot!

TITL: What would you say your unique selling point is? What is it about you and your music that makes you stand out from your many other artistic counterparts out there?

M: That’s a tough question to answer on my own. I would say, for me, I try to bring a very theatrical show, while also having a very personal connection to my people, my fans. I like to be as personable as I can with my people, but also make them feel like they’re in another world when they come to a show of ours.

TITL: You’re signed to Pete Wentz’ record label DCD2. How exactly did he come to discover you and what was/is it about him and his label that made you feel that they were the right fit for you?

M: I’ve always been a Fall Out Boy fan, you know, “Dance, Dance”…every record. Patrick’s voice is unbelievable and he’s so kind. Being an OG Fall Out Boy fan, when Pete kind of naturally reached out after hearing some of my music when I was releasing independently, he invited me to one of their shows. I went along with two of my best friends who are also obsessive Fall Out Boy fans, and he brought me backstage; we kinda hung out for a little bit and I don’t know, I guess it was just nice to see how personable they are as people, and also just how hard they work. That’s how and why they’re still doing what they’re doing. So when he said he was relaunching Decadence, as DCD2, and asked if I wanted to be a part of it, it was an obvious no-brainer.

TITL: You’ve achieved phenomenal success in the States thanks to your track “Lights Down Low.” What do you think it is about that song that, for lack of a better word, has enraptured so many people?

M: It’s been really beautiful to see how people have connected with it. It’s the most transparent song of mine, I guess, that I’ve ever put out. I wrote it for my wife and I proposed to her with it. I love telling that story, and I think this song, even if people don’t know that story, they can connect with a piece of it, feel the energy behind it and I hope, and I think that’s why it’s connected more with people than any other song of mine, in a more global way, and I’m glad about that. The song portrays the message that love is love, and that’s what we believe in, no matter where you’re from.

TITL: How did you find the song having its own Snapchat filter for Valentine’s Day which was posted about by Kim Kardashian West, among others?

M: It was honestly the most unexpected thing that I probably have had happen to me. I guess some wonderful people, part of my team, were pitching this idea for Valentine’s Day, which is such a special day for us, and literally the night before, someone emailed me saying there’s a snapchat filter thing tomorrow and no one had ever done it like that before, I guess. They’re doing it a lot now wirh great artists which is so cool, but I guess we were kind of the guinea pig and I’m glad to have been the guinea pig. It was a wild time and it was so cool – they used my glasses and everything. I love that Snapchat is trying to make a filter that really represents the different artists that they’re showcasing. It was a cool surprise.

TITL: You just need your own emoji now…

M: That’d be wild! Emoji’s really encapsulate our lives so I’d love to be part of one.

TITL: Given that you’re currently on tour with Fall Out Boy here in the UK, have you noticed or are you noticing any differences or similarities between audiences here and back home?

M: My wife is from here so it’s kind of nice to come and visit her roots, hang with everybody. I’m loving it. Tour wise, this is our third show on the tour with the guys and it’s amazing. To play Manchester Arena is unbelievable – it’s so special to not only open for them, but feel the energy from the crowd. I think Fall Out Boy fans especially are so proud of the music they love that, even if they don’t know your music quite yet, if you reel them in just enough, then suddenly you feel a new energy which is just so amazing.

I think I would say UK fans really love music, especially live music, but I also think they might be a little harder to impress in a real way, which I really appreciate, especially as an opener, because it’s so rewarding when you get to a certain song and everybody is there. The best thing about UK fans, and European fans in general, is that as someone who loves to do a lot of crowd interaction, even if everybody’s not quite into it yet, they’ll get involved with every interaction I do and make. They’re doing that because they’re committed music fans and that’s the coolest thing in the world because it’s not at every show you get to see all the fans putting their hands up, clapping along, that kind of thing.

TITL: Do you have any headline shows of your own in the works for after this tour?

M: Oh yeah! I’ll be back here in January. I’m almost done with the second album and I’m hoping to put it out towards the end of summer, or early fall in the States and then come over here and hopefully people will discover us from these dates, and come out and see us again.

TITL: You’ve played some pretty big stages in your career so far but if you could play any venue in the world, which would it be?

M: Madison Square Garden, for sure. Being a New Yorker and just having it be such a special place in my life, getting to play there, or getting to headline the Garden, that would be a very massive accomplishment. Getting to play here, and to play the 02 is additionally pretty surreal.

TITL: You’ve had your songs streamed millions upon millions of times on Spotify and watched millions more on YouTube. With that in mind, how do you feel, both personally and professionally, about social media and technology, and the almost consuming power it holds for artists?

M: It’s so addictive and I’ve realised I probably spend a fourth or half my day, going through all the different social medias, trying to research different playlists on Spotify and things like that. It’s also such a connective tool that we’re lucky to have in this generation because, probably half of the collaborations that I do, I find via Twitter. Somebody like Matoma follows me on Twitter and the next thing, I’m talking to him then we’re meeting in person…the connective power it has is incredible, and not just between artists, but for fans too. It’s amazing to pinpoint one particular fan who is such an OG and get in touch with them to say something like ‘Wow, thank you so much for giving so much life and energy to this – do you want to be part of it more?’

With any incredible tool, there’s always going to be some crazy, negative aspect, and I think the addictive quality social media has is that aspect.

TITL: What’s next for you? Are there any plans or projects in the pipeline you can tell me about?

M: I’m excited about the second album, and my next single, is a duet with my friend Noah Cyrus – I was actually working on the mix today; slay! Then another song after that called “Still New York” with Joey Badass, which is, obviously about my home city, but also about repping your roots and everything else. There’s a bunch of songs after that, a bunch of collaborations I’m super excited for which I can’t quite talk about yet, and then yeah, hopefully more touring, more shows and then I hope to just keep on going.

TITL: Finally then, what’s your ultimate goal when it comes to your music? What would you like to have achieved 5-10 years from now and musically, what do you most want to be remembered for?

M: That’s a great question and one I think about a lot. I would say, for the 5-10 years part, I want to have that same connective tissue between myself and the fans that I feel and have now. I hope for that to grow, and for us to keep doing what we’re doing now, but hopefully on a larger scale. I think you remember energies more than you remember things people say and whatever else, and I hope that we…I…leave behind an energy that is positive towards people. We’ll all pass away one day, we’ll all be gone, and very tiny remnants of our existence will matter, but I think if there’s any way just a little speck can be left to hopefully inspire other people to bring some positivity to the world, that’s really all I can hope for when it comes to my music.

Check out the video for “Lights Down Low” below, and for more information on MAX, visit his website or follow him on Twitter .