Just two weeks after finishing up a UK tour, it was announced this evening that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, 41, had committed suicide.

The first report came from TMZ who wrote that Bennington had hung himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in California where his body was found earlier today. Chester’s band-mate Mike Shinoda then officially confirmed the report of Bennington’s death, posting this on his official Twitter page:

Linkin Park’s official Twitter then posted this image of Chester:

Bennington had been close friends with Chris Cornell who died on May 17th aged 52 and had himself struggled with drug and alcohol issues for many years. Chester shared a heartfelt tribute/goodbye letter, which many now see as an indication of his struggles, to his friend on Twitter and had often spoken in the past about considering suicide due to being abused by an older man. He also spoke powerfully about depression and mental health in what are believed to be his last two interviews. Cornell’s wife Vicky posted the following message on Twitter upon hearing of her friend’s death:

Linkin Park, who only posted the video for their new single this morning, achieved worldwide success thanks notably to their albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, the latter of which topped the Billboard 200 chart in 2003 and remains one of the biggest alternative albums in history.

News of Bennington’s death immediately saw thousands of social media users – friends, fans and celebrities – take to Facebook and Twitter, flooding both sites with messages expressing their shock and sharing their memories and messages of condolence.

On Facebook, Eva Bayer summed up her thoughts by posting:

“Farewell Chester… Linkin Park will forever be a part of me and was the soundtrack to such an important time in my life.”

18-year-old Arianna Balfe wrote:

“I’m honestly heartbroken to hear about Chester Bennington.. R.I.P. man. Your music helped me through some tough times.
It was an honor to get to see you perform a few years back. I’ll still be listening to Linkin Park 10 years from now.”

Summing up the thoughts and reflections of many, Chris Whitby shared this:

“The songs that Chester along with the rest of the band wrote have seen me through the darkest times of my life since I first listened to them as a teenager. Hybrid Theory and Meteora remain two of my favourite albums and I am so glad I got to see Linkin Park perform Hybrid Theory in full at Download 2014. To this day, it was the best live performance I’ve ever seen with everyone in that crowd singing every single word from that album. Very few musicians could switch from soft vocals to a metal growl like he could. Through all of the hardships he faced in his life and that he wrote about in his music, he was a true warrior and one of the reasons he inspired me so much. He was one of the most influential musicians I’ve ever listen to, a unique and inspirational songwriter.”

He later wrote a second post which read:

“Through the death of a father, the death of a best friend, the death of a grandmother, bullying, betrayal, heartbreak, depression, isolation, rejection, failure. I found the strength to face all of this through your music. Finding myself, my individuality and the strength to stand as an individual in this world. My passion for music, making amazing friends who shares the same passion for that music as me. And moments of happiness at gigs and festivals. I found all of this from your music.

Though you may have lost your battle, a battle you fought so hard and bravely for years, your music helps millions of people face the same issues each day and to help them win. You helped me to win my battles. Your music will live on and help millions more win theirs. That is your legacy. Thank you Chester Bennington, you were my Hero, your music is and always will be a major light in my life.”

Green Day front-man Billie Joe posted his own tribute on Instagram, as did Gerard Way and Machine Gun Kelly, who was due to support Linkin Park on their upcoming US tour.

my heart hurts in ways i never thought it could. ?? i heard the news when i was driving in the car with my daughter and i couldn't even finish the drive. i pulled over and lost my shit. i remember watching u perform "crawling" stripped down with just mike shinoda playing the keys in Poland when we did that show together the other week, and your voice spoke to my soul. im re-living that moment now because that's how u deserve to be remembered: a voice for those who wanted to scream out, who had pain and no way of expressing it. u were that for me since 11 years old and i had the honor to become friends with u and share the stage with you, but i never got to say thank you. You guys invited me on tour this summer and it was the happiest I've felt in my career, I'm sad to not be able to see it happen, but mostly just sad for music, the linkin park family, and the fans – u were one of the greatest frontmen of a band to ever live and i just want u, wherever u are, to feel loved and to be happy. thanks for everything Chester. love.

A post shared by GUNNA (@machinegunkelly) on

Performer Aaron Lewis dedicated his song “Something To Remind You” to Bennington while playing a show in New Hampshire.

Cameron Strang, chairman and CEO Warner Bros. Records, the label that signed Linkin Park in 1999, released a statement while music magazine Kerrang! created a tribute playlist and new upcoming issue, having scrapped the one they were working on. The statement, playlist and front cover of the new magazine can all be found below:

“Chester Bennington was an artist of extraordinary talent and charisma, and a human being with a huge heart and a caring soul, Our thoughts and prayers are with his beautiful family, his bandmates and his many friends. All of us at WBR join with millions of grieving fans around the world in saying: we love you Chester and you will be forever missed.”

Kerrang! editor James McMahon also posted his thoughts, including reflections of a meeting with Chester and the band back in March, on Instagram.

I’m angry. At myself. At everyone. Today the internet is awash with pleas for people to speak up if they’re suffering; to break the stigma of depression, to talk about poor mental health. And rightly so. But Chester Bennington did just that. We just weren’t listening. On March 30th, Linkin Park held a launch party of sorts, for their record One More Light. This involved them playing a couple of songs, stripped back to just piano and voice, in the foyer of their record label, Warners, in south London. Cards on the table; I merely appreciated Linkin Park. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I never questioned their importance. I respected them. But the way they performed the songs, skeletal, delicate, chilling; they were beautiful. I came away touched. But before they performed, they conducted a question and answer session. In that session, Chester explicitly told the audience – an audience that included myself, as well as a host of other music industry people – that he had recently contemplated suicide. Not years ago. Recently. Chester wasn’t suffering in silence. He told us. He told us directly. He told his bandmates. Fucking hell, he told his employers. I feel anger. And I feel shame. I’m asking myself what I could have done. He wasn’t a rockstar I had the phone number of. There are people I could call up and say, ‘hey, I’m here…’ But he wasn’t one of them. But a man told an audience I was in, that he had been thinking of killing himself, and less than four months later, he killed himself. Lately, but for too long now, I can’t shake the feeling that the world is broken. It’s moving too fast. Communication is too dissipated. Humanity is off its hinges, the wheel is flapping around off the axis. Caring has become so uncool. A hero of mine, Chris Cornell, died barely two months ago. It might make me sound like a fucking dick, but it feels like a year ago, so much has happened since. If you're suffering, you must speak up. But if people are speaking, we must listen. We must. Tomorrow we attempt to do justice to the man in the pages of Kerrang!'s forthcoming tribute issue. But I am sick of writing about people I admire in the past tense. RIP Chester.

A post shared by James McMahon (@jamesjammcmahon) on

Scores of celebrities, friends and fans also shared their tributes to Bennington and you can read just a selection of them below.

Bennington is survived by wife Talinda Ann Bentley and six children.

Update (21/07/17): Live Nation the promoters for the scheduled upcoming Linkin Park US tour announced that all dates had been cancelled. In a brief statement, they said:

“We are incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington. The Linkin Park ‘One More Light’ North American Tour has been canceled and refunds are available at point of purchase. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.”

Blink 182, who were due to be a part of the tour as co-headliners for two Blinkin Park shows at New York’s Citi Field and Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, posted this message on their Twitter:

Before performing in Indiana, Limp Bizkit front-man Fred Durst shared his memories of Bennington with Variety, writing:

“I’m sitting here with my brother Cory and we were talking about when Linkin Park played before us on their first ever show in Europe. They came in our dressing rooms and they were clearly both so excited and so shy. [Limp Bizkit guitarist] Wes [Borland], myself and my brother went and watched their show and doused them in champagne after their performance to congratulate them.

I remember seeing them on the side of the stage and as were performing, I was thinking to myself, “Chester’s voice is going to blow these kids the f— up.” It was a great moment and I’m happy now to have had it. 

I can say so many wonderful things about the Chester I knew. He had a way of making anyone he spoke to feel heard, understood and significant. His aura and spirit were contagious and empowering. Often those types of people have so much pain and torture inside that the last thing they want is to contaminate or break the spirit of others.

He would go out of his way to make sure you knew he truly cares. As real and transparent as our conversations would be, he was always the one projecting light on the shadows. In my last conversation with him, he was holding his two cute puppies and giving me the most selfless and motivational compliments in regards to Limp Bizkit and myself and thanking me for paving the path for bands like Linkin Park.

In return, I told him if it weren’t for him and his voice and his words, this genre would never have reached the masses and affected so many lives. I thanked him for being so courageous and humble and for always being such a gentleman. We laughed and hugged and told jokes as if there would always be a tomorrow for us to meet again.

I want to hug him now and let him know that we all experience our own pain and deal with it our own ways. I know his torture is unique to him, but I would always be here to listen and help in any way I can. But I won’t get that hug and that moment now, which makes me so sad.”

Update (22/07/17): So strong has the fan reaction been to Bennington’s death that between July 20th and the 21st, streams of Linkin Park albums increased by more than 10,000% in the case of 2003’s Meteora. 2007’s Minutes To Midnight saw an increase of 9,500% while Hybrid Theory, released in 2000, saw a rise of 8,700%. The song “In The End” was on-demand streamed 1.5m times and was the most Shazamed and downloaded track of the 24 hour period. On video platforms, “Numb” was viewed 695,000 times while on both audio and video services, Linkin Park songs were up 469% overall.

Linkin Park today set up a tribute site for their singer, encouraging fans to leave their messages and memories, which features a photo of Bennington onstage, surrounded by the light from thousands of fans’ phones, with the hashtag #RIPCHESTER and the following message:

“In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources:
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK
Crisis Text Line, the free, nationwide, 24/7 text message service for people in crisis, is here to support. For support in the United States, text HELLO to 741741 or message at
For support outside the US, find find resources at”  

At a show in New York, Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto spoke fondly of Bennington before performing “Alibi” while Muse dedicated “Starlight” to him.

Update (24/07/17): Former head of Warner Bros. Records Tom Whalley shared his reflections and memories of Bennington with Billboard writing:

“Chester was a great singer in the classic way that great rock singers move the world with their voice. He had a unique ability to bring forth a guttural scream that would project the intent of the song and in the same song flip to a beautiful melody that drove home the song’s purpose. He wanted Linkin Park to change people’s lives. He sucked people in: That’s what I saw in the studio, what I saw live, what I saw when I talked to him about the recording process. 

Hybrid Theory was already out when I got to Warner Bros. I inherited it and my job was to galvanize what I walked into. I was there for Meteora with Don Gilmore and the next two albums, which were produced by Rick Rubin. I was just encouraging them to continue to innovate and move their music forward, and to not get hooked on having to repeat the success — that they should just be confident in exploring what their next record should be.

Chester was a very impassioned person. He believed in what he was doing at all times, whether it was a small conversation about being a father or being a good person, but in particular when it was about his songwriting or the records that Linkin Park was making. His belief in the band and the records they were making was always 150 percent. He believed in the spirit of rock and roll and the purpose it had in the fans’ lives. 

As the band grew, they never had a sense of entitlement, even after success. Chester still brought his basic instincts, his basic talents, into the room every time. He had no sense of self-importance, that, “I’m a rock star.” He still had his belief of purpose, he never let go of that. It was a pleasure working with the band. They knew how to give back to family and causes. Chester was the guy in front, he was the one that had to expose what their convictions were, what their purpose was as a band. That’s what lead singers were supposed to do. And he did that.”

Ed Winter, a spokesman for the Los Angeles county coroner’s office, confirmed Bennington died by hanging. He added that half a bottle of alcohol was found nearby but there was no sign of drug abuse and no suicide note was found.

At approximately 2.30pm UK time, Linkin Park posted this statement/tribute to Chester on their social media pages.

Update (25/07/17): The first fan-organised memorials to Bennington began taking place around the world, with one in Italy being shared on YouTube:

Update (26/07/17): Linkin Park re-entered the Billboard Artist 100 Chart in the US following Bennington’s death, while their album One More Light re-entered the Billboard 200 chart at number 17, having sold 23,000 units (up 461%).

Update (27/07/17): The All Time Greatest Singers page on Facebook announced that in the wake of Bennington’s suicide, they’d set up a Music Saves Lives campaign to raise awareness for suicide prevention, writing:

“His music has saved countless of lives and will continue to live on in our hearts. We are donating 100% of the proceeds from this campaign to suicide prevention organizations.”

Fans took to Twitter to share images and videos from gatherings and memorials they were holding in memory of Chester.

Update (28/07/17): Mike Shinoda took to Instagram to endorse hundreds of memorials to Chester that have and are scheduled to take place around the world, also providing a link to a Google document where fans could add others, while fans shared images and videos from such events.

One week. Feels like forever. I’m here for a couple updates. I know these links aren’t clickable. Just type them out in your browser; they're easy to remember. 1.) If you need a (local) place to celebrate Chester, look to and all the amazing fan sites I’ve previously mentioned. 2.) If you’re having suicidal thoughts, go to 3.) If you’re going to buy merch in honor of Chester, consider who the purchase benefits. Don’t give money to scumbag bootleggers and opportunists. Linkin Park official merchandise is at 4.) If you want to donate in honor of Chester, do it at 5.) Brad, Joe, Rob, Dave, and I love you all very much. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this extremely difficult time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Mike Shinoda (@m_shinoda) on

Meanwhile, Bennington’s wife Talinda posted this statement:

“One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero — their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy. How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left. I want to let my community and the fans worldwide know that we feel your love. We feel your loss as well.

My babies are so young to have lost their daddy. And I know that all of you will help keep his memory alive. He was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice. And now he is pain free singing his songs in all of our hearts. May God Bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain. Chester would’ve wanted us to do so. Rest In Peace, my love.


Mrs. Talinda Bennington.”

In the UK, Linkin Park songs and albums flooded the charts. Hybrid Theory re-entered the album chart at number 4, while One More Light placed fifth and Meteora reached number seven. Minutes To Midnight re-entered at 15, A Thousand Suns was at 38, Living Things placed 49th, Collision Course – the album with Jay-Z – was at 70, Reanimation was 71st and The Hunting Party was at 91. The bands’ album success meant they became the first US band in 50 years to have 3 albums in the top 10. In the singles chart, “In The End” re-entered at number 14, “Numb” was at 20 and latest track “Heavy” featuring was at 43.

Update (29/07/17): Linkin Park bassist Dave Phoenix Farrell took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and to pay tribute to his friend and band-mate, asking his followers to send him pictures from any memorials or events they were attending.

Bennington was laid to rest in a private memorial. Former front-man of Of Mice & Men Austin Carlile and hip-hop artist Blackbear were just two of those in attendance and both took to social media to comment on the day.

Update (30/07/17): Bennington’s first wife Samantha took Facebook to share her thoughts, writing:

“Words can not express the devastating loss that my son & I both, along with the rest of our families are feeling over my ex husband & son’s father’s recent passing. Unreal to stay the least!

I pray from my soul that he is at peace and no longer suffering.

My son & I are extremely spiritual & would like to share our believes with you in hopes it brings a little comfort.

We do not believe there is a hell. We believe that we as souls make “soul contracts” we agree to come into this world with the knowledge of our destiny & when it’s fulfilled we move on to a higher vibration of energy, meaning “the next level”. He fulfilled his destiny while helping others every step of the way through his music, a hand shake,a conversation, or even a hug. No matter if you saw him on stage, had an opportunity to meet him anywhere he truly touched everyone in a positive way. He absolutely loved singing for each & every one of you & for all of his friends & family at home all the time. I have always missed him singing throughout our home & loved it when he would visit, he would sing for us every time we ask or just spontaneously . He absolutely had a God given talent! 
We are all created the same & connected so Chester you are never “gone”. Our souls & energy are forever connected.

Chester, as one of my best friends of the age of 19, a husband, father to my son, business partner, and all we created together, I’m truly honored to have completed our soul contracts together, build all we did together, & thank you for giving me the greatest gift ever, our beautiful son Draven.

I promise to continue to raise a great man who has integrity, humility, kindness, & most of all compassion & love.

I do feel your presence as a guardian angel watching over us & Im extremely filled with gratitude.

Thank you to Draven’s god parents Uncle Stefie & Moni along with friends & family for joining us in with a raw ruby crystal that we shared a prayer, we all kissed the stone, & prayed to chester to find peace & fill his heart with love. Then our son through it in the ocean as an offering to God/Source.

We also want to thank our family and friend who traveled close & far for their support & continuous love.

We will always love you Chester.

From the bottom of our hearts .. love Sam & Draven Bennington.”

Update (01/08/17): Coldplay’s Chris Martin performed “Crawling” at a show in New Jersey, which Mike Shinoda, writing on Twitter, said: “Thank you Coldplay. It sounded beautiful.”

Update (02/08/17): It was revealed today that some of special packages given to those who attended Bennington’s funeral had found their way onto ebay and sellers, claiming the packages are authentic, are wanting thousands of dollars for them. Kerrang! magazine were one of the first to report the disgraceful behaviour and encouraged readers to report the sales if they came across any more.

Update (04/08/17): A Hybrid Theory sing-along took place in Dublin last night with scores of fans and even a representative from Warner Bros Records in attendance while other memorials also took place.

Late last night, Bennington’s widow Talinda posted this tweet:

By the end of the day, 11 of Linkin Park’s songs had earned new platinum certifications. “One Step Closer”, “Waiting For The End” and “Leave Out All The Rest” earned their first platinum records, while “What I’ve Done”, “Bleed It Out”, “Shadow Of The Day”, “New Divide”, “In The End”, “Numb”, “Burn It Down” and the Jay-Z collaboration “Numb/Encore” added multi-platinum certifications. Notably, “What I’ve Done”, received a five-times-platinum nod, making it the band’s most commercially successful song.

Update (05/08/17): This morning, Chris Cornell’s 12-year-old daughter Toni joined One Republic on stage as part of the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, at which Linkin Park were scheduled to perform, to sing “Hallelujah” in tribute to her father and Bennington. The performance has many members of the large crowd in tears:

The band later replied to Talinda’s tweet with this message:

Fans also continued to share photos of their memorials and tributes to Bennington.

Update (19/08/17): While on stage at V Festival, Jay-Z paid tribute to Chester with a performance of “Numb”, this video of which was then shared on Twitter by Mike Shinoda:

Another mural-memorial to Chester was also shared online over the weekend.

Update (22/08/17): Linkin Park took to Facebook to share the following message with fans:

“Just wanted to say thank you to all our fans around the world for the tremendous outpouring of love, which has strengthened our spirit during this incredibly difficult time.

The five of us are so grateful for all of your support as we heal and build the future of Linkin Park.

We are working on a special public event in Los Angeles to honor Chester’s memory, and look forward to sharing details with you soon.

Peace and love,

Phoenix and Linkin Park”

Update (23/08/17): Warner Bros Records digital marketer Adam Ruehmer took to Twitter to express his appreciation and love of fans around the world who had rallied around one another and the band since Chester’s death:

Update (25/08/17): After reading Cheryl Sandberg’s book Option B, Mike Shinoda took to Twitter to say he was going to borrow a hashtag her husband’s colleagues started after he passed away and encouraged fans to join in:

Mike’s wife Anna also got involved and shared the following:

Update (28/08/17): At last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Jared Leto paid tribute to Bennington – and Chris Cornell – via the following speech:

Update (16/09/17): As the Linkin Park fan-base continued to share their memories of Chester and raise awareness of suicide and mental health, Bennington’s wife Talinda shared these two posts on Twitter:

Update: (18/09/17): Mike Shinoda was interviewed by LA radio station KROQ and spoke openly about Chester and the band’s latest track “One More Light”, the video for which was supported and shared by the likes of MTV:

The band also announced a memorial concert in memory of Chester, to be held in LA, and shared details on their official twitter.


Update (04/10/17): Linkin Park shared, among others, Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Live Lounge performance which paid tribute to Chester, as well as Chris Cornell, George Michael and David Bowie:

Update (27/10/17): Today marked the Chester Bennington memorial concert in Los Angeles which was livestreamed via YouTube and saw the band perform a brand new track called “Looking For An Answer”:

One of the more powerful moments was Talinda stepping out in front of the crowd and all those watching around the world to say the following:

“What an incredible show this has been. Chester and I always loved bringing people together and he was filled with joy when our house was full of family, friends, kids, dogs, cats, birds, turtles, the more the merrier.  And he would have loved all of this tonight.”

She went on to add:

“…to you Linkin Park’s fans, thank you. Chester always said Linkin Park fans were the best, and you know what, he was absolutely fucking right. In the past fourteen weeks, you have lifted each other up. You have lifted me up. You have lifted our children up. From memorials around the world to supporting everyday as our family on Twitter, and spreading the love with the hashtags, #MakeChesterproud and #fuckdepression.”



As the show unfolded and afterwards, participants, attendees and viewers around the world took to social media to post their thoughts, with those of Linkin Park’s Dave Farrell in particular being especially poignant and heartfelt.

To the worldwide community of friends and fans of Linkin Park, I continue to be overwhelmed by the love and support you have extended to me and the band over the past few months. This came this morning from the Executive Pastry Chef at the hotel Where I’m staying. To all of you who have been so thoughtful, gracious, and kind, I wish there was a better, or more sincere way to say “thank you…” ?? Grief comes in waves. There are stretches of time that feel normal, happy, and peaceful. There are stretches that carry an underlying, dull pain. Today feels different. It hurts. It’s a sharper pain than what I’ve become used to, a larger wave. I don’t know what to expect tonight, but I know that it’s significant. It’s a marker of sorts in my life… a night I will always remember. This evening I invite you all to laugh with us, cry with us, look back at the good times we’ve all shared, look forward to the good times ahead, and Celebrate Life. Thank You All For All Your Kindness, Dave

A post shared by Dave Phoenix Farrell (@phoenixlp) on

A post shared by Mike Shinoda (@m_shinoda) on

Update (05/12/17): US website TMZ leaked details of Bennington’s autopsy, wrongly claiming that the singer had both alcohol and ecstasy in his system when he died. The report was then updated to read that although one blood test tested *presumptive positive” for MDMA, two further tests didn’t and so the final conclusion was that the star wasn’t under the influence of any drug at the time of his death.  Both Bennington’s band-mate Mike Shinoda and Chester’s wife Talinda took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

As fans rallied round Talinda, she posted a message of thanks and appreciation on her page, calling for an end to salacious and irresponsible journalism.

On December 7th, she retweeted the following petition, calling for it to be made illegal to share/reveal medical documents of a deceased individual to the public.


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follow TITL: Given that bands and artists today all but HAVE to be on social media, how do you feel about the power the likes of Twitter and other sites can and do have in terms of helping an artist grow their fan-base and keep themselves current? Do you think there’s such a thing as too much of a social media presence?

CB: Social media is a great platform for artists. It has never been easier to build a brand, release new music and build an audience. Social media engagement is huge in helping an artist grow their fan-base. If you can master the art of having great communication with your fans – I believe you will find success. It’s hard to say if there is such thing as “too much of a presence” but I believe if you have quality content and your personality shines through then I think you are doing the right thing.

TITL: Finally then, what does the rest of the year in store for you and where would you like to see yourself five years from now? What do you want to tick off your bucket list?

CB: For the rest of the year, my plan is to keep building my audience, touring in new markets and improving my craft. I think if I can keep improving on my live show, songwriting and in the studio as well as making new fans then I’ll be very happy. My main goal is to able to share my music with as many people as possible and if I can have a career in the next five years where I am still making a living playing music – then that’s a huge win in my books!

Check out Cole Bradley’s latest track “Happy Hour” below and for more information on him and his music, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


Emmerdale has cast the soap’s first transgender character as Moira Dingle will recognise an intruder at Butler’s Farm as her daughter Hannah Barton – who has since become Matty.

Thinking that the farm has been broken into, Cain punches and knocks out Matty Barton mistaking him for an intruder. However, when Moira arrives she instantly recognises him as her daughter Hannah.

Matty will be played by Ash Palmisciano who has already begun filming with the show. Ash who has previously appeared in ‘Boy Meets Girl’ and ‘Mum’ will appear on screen at the end of the month.

“Matty is a man trying to shake off his past and find acceptance in the present,” says Emmerdale producer Kate Brookes. “His story is full of emotion, humour and ultimately hope as he settles back into rural village life, reconnecting with old friends and forging new relationships along the way.

“The character certainly knows how to make an impact: cheeky, effervescent, quick-witted and headstrong, and it’s not long before he’s charmed his way into the affections of all those who meet him.”

Speaking about his new role, Palmisciano says: “I’m very excited to be joining the very welcoming Emmerdale family. From nervous auditions to now working alongside the team daily has been truly amazing. Matty’s a groundbreaking character to play and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for him.”

Previously played by Grace Cassidy between 2009 and 2012, Matty left the village for a fresh start in London.