A staple of the music industry for more than four decades, Chuck McDermott, a Massachusetts Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, has toured internationally with the icon that was and will always be John Stewart and has been delighting fans through fantastic live shows with his band Chuck McDermott and Wheatstraw since the 1970’s.

McDermott’s new album Gin & Rosewater, which features a cover of the Johnny Cash classic “I Walk The Line”, is one of his strongest collections to date and ThisIsThelatest are thrilled to premiere the video for its latest release, the track titled “The Girl From St. Lucy.”

Asked about the background to the video, McDermott says:

“The church is Old Ship Church in Hingham, MA. It’s the oldest house of worship in continuous use in the United States, built in 1861. It is also where Anne and I met! Both of us separately discovered the church after moving to Hingham and both eventually served time as religious education teachers there (motivated in part to get our own kids to attend the program!). So not only is it a pretty stunning example of 17th century architecture, it has a lot of personal significance for me too.”

The clip also has many family connections to Chuck within it, adding a lovely sense of sentimentality to the piece – his mom features heavily through the inclusion of family photos and his fiancé Anne is the woman sat in the Church with him.

Check out “The Girl From St. Lucy” below and for more information on Chuck McDermott, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter. Gin & Rosewater is available now. Header photo credit: Kelly Davidson.

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Inspired by and surrounded by music from an early age, Nebraska-born, classically trained folk artist Kathy Zimmer has already been praised by the likes of Obscure Sound, and declared to be “the latter-day Joan Baez” by Rock n’ Reel. With a growing social media following and ever-supportive fan-base, Kathy’s kicking off this new year with a bang of her own, by today releasing her brand new EP titled ‘White Noise’ and ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to have the exclusive first stream which you can listen to below.

Asked about the creative process behind the EP, including the inspiration for the songs featured on it, Kathy says:

“White Noise is the product of developing these songs over time with my band, and then adding the finishing touches of light synth sounds in the recording studio. My inspiration for writing the songs covered a lot of ground, from addiction to world affairs to a lopsided romance… but you should take away from the EP your own interpretation!” 

Check out ‘White Noise’ below and if you like what you hear, be sure to purchase your copy now on iTunes. For more information on Kathy Zimmer, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


Having moved away from his previous – and up until recently – lifelong career as a racehorse trainer, announcer and broadcaster, Peter Kleinhans is now starting to make his mark on the music world and has reignited his passion for song-writing, guitar and piano playing. With his debut album Something’s Not Right due for release early next year, ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to premiere his latest single “Turn The Tide.”

Asked about the creative process and story behind the song, Peter says:

“”Turn the Tide” is a song that began as an exercise and turned into something with an actual direction. The main arpeggios off of which the song is built started out as a guitar exercise written by Matt Detro, and the lyrics used the names of two of my favorite racehorses, Turn The Tide and Trim The Tree, who were arch rivals as well as sharing three-word alliterative names.

But the song took shape when I combined it with one of my favorite photographs taken by my father, of a distant couple in Central Park in fall. Between the music, lyrics, and visual, I let my imagination conjure a gentle world in which two people face the passage of time with dignity and grace. I think of it as one of the more optimistic of my songs because it suggests that the whole of a life shared with someone can indeed exceed the sum of those live’s individual parts.”

Check out “Turn The Tide” below and for more information on Peter Kleinhans, visit his website or give his page a like on Facebook.