The Classic Kids – Eric James, Matty Boy, Max Dean and Mikey G – have come a long way since they released their debut single “Just Begun” in 2015 and have undertaken quite a musical evolution in recent months but nowhere is said evolution more evident than on the bands’ latest single “Amy”, the video for which ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to premiere.

Asked about the background to the track, lead singer and bassist Eric James explains:

“The premise of the song ‘Amy’ was written to tell the quintessential “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” story about the nice guy who lost the girl. We figured it would be a fun topic to delve into and bring to life for the listener.”

The video to the song was directed by Eric Striffler with him and the band working in almost perfect harmony with one another to shoot each and every frame you see on screen. The result is a clip which puts a rather fun and unique twist on the typical classic horror movie style videos which several bands and artists have created over the past few years.

“Amy” has a very 80’s feel to it, and is a high-energy, up-tempo track with a strong, relatable message. For those yet unfamiliar with The Classic Kids, it also serves as a fantastic introduction to a band who can only have bigger and better things ahead for them.

Check out the video to Amy below and for more information on The Classic Kids, visit their website, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. “Amy” is available now on iTunes and all online music platforms. Header photo credit: Cory Ingram.


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Having moved away from his previous – and up until recently – lifelong career as a racehorse trainer, announcer and broadcaster, Peter Kleinhans is now starting to make his mark on the music world and has reignited his passion for song-writing, guitar and piano playing. With his debut album Something’s Not Right due for release early next year, ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to premiere his latest single “Turn The Tide.”

Asked about the creative process and story behind the song, Peter says:

“”Turn the Tide” is a song that began as an exercise and turned into something with an actual direction. The main arpeggios off of which the song is built started out as a guitar exercise written by Matt Detro, and the lyrics used the names of two of my favorite racehorses, Turn The Tide and Trim The Tree, who were arch rivals as well as sharing three-word alliterative names.

But the song took shape when I combined it with one of my favorite photographs taken by my father, of a distant couple in Central Park in fall. Between the music, lyrics, and visual, I let my imagination conjure a gentle world in which two people face the passage of time with dignity and grace. I think of it as one of the more optimistic of my songs because it suggests that the whole of a life shared with someone can indeed exceed the sum of those live’s individual parts.”

Check out “Turn The Tide” below and for more information on Peter Kleinhans, visit his website or give his page a like on Facebook.


Inspired by an eclectic array of bands and artists including The Kills and Michael Jackson, Astra The 22s, led by Kerija Kaleja and Eric Jayk, have, in particular since the release of their EP, Paris Love, been impressing both fans and critics alike, on and off stage. Kerija and Eric spoke to ThisIsTheLatest and told us all about artistic influences, their dream show line up and what the future has in store.

TITL: How did the two of you first meet?

Eric: We met in 2011, when Kerija moved to Brooklyn and went on Craigslist to search for a guitar teacher nearby.

TITL: What would each of you say the other brings to the group?

Kerija: Eric brings his whole being into the writing and producing part – I think he is a genius

E: Kerija keeps me from overthinking, while inspiring me with her one of a kind perspective and lyrical/melodic sensibility; she encourages me to stretch beyond the obvious and conventional approach sonically and to use my imagination.

TITL: Can you recall exactly the moment you knew you wanted to make music your careers?

K: I have always wanted to do something that is connected with performing and I was always singing in front of people whether they wanted to hear me or not hah it is just that thing you have in you and it just makes you want to do this..

E: I remember I got MTV as a child and discovered Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses. I started playing professionally at age 11.

TITL: Which artists and bands most influenced you growing up and have those influences changed much over the years?

K: I grew up in 90’s Latvia and the country was just rehabilitating from the Soviet Union years, so there was not much to choose from or even know about in terms of what was current in the world at the time. I listened to Ace Of Base, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong and very eclectic music…

In recent, years I have really loved The White Stripes, Jack White, The Kills, Prince, David Bowie, Blondie, Aerosmith , Guns n Roses , Def Leppard and many more

E: The first four albums I owned were Michael Jackson ‘Thriller,’ Prince ‘Purple Rain,’ GNR ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ and Motley Crue ‘Dr, Feelgood.’ My mom introduced me to The Rolling Stones, and was a big fan of Rod Stewart and Tina Turner. Later, I went to music school where I studied jazz and classical music and discovered The Cure; punk rock. I then rediscovered my love of rock ‘n roll. It’s always been a love/hate relationship with me and rock music.

TITL: Which band or artist would you say you sound the most similar to?

K: Oh it is so hard to say! Actually I am not sure at all; I feel like currently there are not enough female fronted bands to compare us to so I will say Blondie.

TITL: Kerija, how, if at all, have your Latvian background impacted/influenced the music you create now?

K: Music is universal, so if it is good it is good everywhere, I feel like maybe the song messages have something to do with the Latvian background more because sometimes it can get too serious or sad..hah maybe the minor keys hah

TITL: You’ve won a lot of new fans thanks to your single “Stranger”. Is there a story behind it?

E: Stranger is a powerful, empowering and anthemic call to freedom and individuality. If you find the strength and confidence to be yourself, you will overcome the demands of school, society, pressure from your family or lovers. We are all beautiful, remarkable and brilliant, love yourself and don’t let anyone persuade you into thinking that you are not good enough.

TITL: The track is taken from your EP Paris Love. For those who haven’t heard it, how would you sum it up?

E: Eccentric, beautiful, dark.

TITL: Could you each pick your favourite track from the collection and if so, which is it and why?

K: Oh that’s hard but I would say “Stranger” and or the title track, “Paris Love.”

E: “What U Do 2 Me” because it’s autobiographical.

TITL: Who or what most influences your song-writing and how easy or hard do you find the process of putting a song together?

E: Everything is an inspiration, ones’ mood and state of mind, music, art, friends, people’s lives, and one’s own life as well. Each song is different: some come fast and easy some need a lot of love. In reality, melody and lyrics can come in five minutes, but to make the song real and great can sometimes take months.

TITL: In your opinion, what makes a song truly great?

K: A truly great song is not complicated and has a great hook and a great melody.

E: I only like songs I write – just kidding!

TITL: Which venue would you most like to play and which four bands or artists, who can be living or dead, would you most like to share that stage with?

E: Jack White, David Bowie, Def Leppard, AC/DC -with Brian Johnson – at Castle Donington.

TITL: How has/does social media impact your career and do you think you’d have the support you do without it?

E: Social media is a wonderful tool to reach out to people and fans all around the world and to have one’s message out there in matter of seconds, however; sometimes it can get in the way; all we really want to do is make music or perform.

TITL: Finally then, are there any other plans in the pipeline you can tell me about? What does the coming year have in store for you?

E: We’re going to continue writing new music, play more shows and take over the world.

For more information on Astra The 22s, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Their EP Paris Love is available now.