The Partridge Family heartthrob and musician David Cassidy, who sold millions of records around the world and earned himself an army of devoted fans, has died at the age of 67.

Perhaps best known for his role in TV series The Partridge Family between from 1970 to 1974, Cassidy died in a Florida hospital on Tuesday night after being admitted with organ failure.

A statement released by his representative Jo-Ann Geffen read:

“On behalf of the entire Cassidy family, it is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father, our uncle, and our dear brother, David Cassidy. David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long. Thank you for the abundance of love and support you have shown him these many years.”

His nephew Jack posted this tweet soon after:

Cassidy’s death comes just nine months after the star announced he was retiring from touring and that he had been diagnosed with dementia.

The performer was THE teen idol of the 1970’s with his work in both the television and music industries earning him a steady following. He and his The Partridge Family co-stars had a number 1 hit with “I Think I Love You” in 1970 while, as a solo artist, Cassidy had his biggest success with a version of “Cherish”, which peaked at number 9 in 1971.

After The Partridge Family ended, Cassidy went on to feature in episodes of Fantasy Island, Malcolm In The Middle and CSI among others.

His half brother Shaun was one of the first to pay tribute to him with scores more flooding Twitter in the hours that followed. You can read just a selection of them below.

Update (07/12/17): It was revealed today that Cassidy’s actress daughter Katie, best known for her appearances in CW TV series Arrow, has been left out of her father’s will. A copy of the document, obtained by Metro.co.uk, reads: ‘It is my specific intent not to provide any benefits hereunder to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy.’


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There are, it could be said, very few artists who have had the career longevity that Kim Cameron has. Having started out performing as part of a band in the 90’s before going solo, she’s since gone on to perform to thousands upon thousands around the world. As she continues to experiment with musical styles and with a greatest hits collection due out in January, Kim Cameron’s career continues to go from strength to strength. Here, she chats to ThisIsTheLatest about her new single “Burning,”, her favourite shows and her advice for new and upcoming artists.

TITL: For those perhaps unfamiliar with yourself and your music, please sum both up in a few words?

Kim Cameron: I am a singer/songwriter who is mad about creating new sounds and music. I have a deep house love that is mixed with pop vocals for more of an electro-pop feel.

TITL: Did you always know you wanted to make music or did you have any other career ambitions before embarking on this journey you’re on now?

KC: I did not always want to make music, or I guess I should say, I did not know I could make music until one day, I was inspired to write a song that changed my entire life, career. I have been involved in music since the 2nd grade, when I learned how to play the clarinet.

TITL: You’ve been a staple of the industry now for many years, having first started out in a cover band in the 90’s before releasing your first solo record in 2008. How do you think the industry has evolved/changed during that time and do you believe things have changed for the better?

KC: Loaded question! In 2008, people were more receptive to new music projects, originals. Then, 3 years later, American Idol took over the scene. The economy tanked and the world thought if they sang in front of Simon Cowell, they would be a star and make a million dollars. The cover band scene took over, and I think original projects have been struggling to regain control ever since. I have only recently seen the thirst for new music amongst the crowds.

On the electronic distribution side, indies have the advantage for selling anything, everywhere, but that has created so much noise that it is difficult for people to ‘discover’ you or your new sounds. I am not sure things have changed for the better or worse since 2008. The market has created a lot of actors in the industry – which is shame for new indies who do not know better. But, it has also created a community of indies who figured out they needed to work together in order to get their music heard.

TITL: What impact did American Airlines picking up four songs from your debut album have on your career trajectory from then on?

KC: I believe it made me creditable. As a fresh new original artist, I needed something to show the world my music was worthy. American Airlines has the name and brand to make it count.

TITL: Tell me a little about your latest release, “Burning.”

KC: I wanted to do something different. I know my normal dance fans will say, “huh?” But, I was inspired one day, and when inspiration hits, you really have to go with your gut. If I were an R ’n’ B artist, this would be a slam dunk, so I know I am taking a big risk releasing this single, but it just felt like I needed to test the waters. When I was recording, I kept hearing horns, so when Ted Zimmerman came along with his magical touch, I knew why I kept hearing the horns. This song was made for his fingers.

TITL: How would you say “Burning” differs from the many other singles you’ve released?

KC: Besides being completely out of my dance market all together…..probably it does not differ a lot…only kidding! It is true, I am a hopeless romantic who writes about love and relationships, and this song is no exception to that rule, but, I like that this one has a unique sexual feeling that I have not done in a song since “3 Seconds” which was more cheeky than sexy. It came naturally to add that extra emotion into the vocal.

TITL: How did you get Ted Zimmerman involved on the track?

KC: I have known Ted for about 3 years. He is one of those legends down here in Miami, performing with all the big acts. I always wanted to involve him on one of my tracks, but just didn’t have the right track for him….until now.

TITL: You’ve also got a greatest hits album due out in January. What made you decide that now’s the right time to create and release one?

KC: I wish I could tell you that my crystal ball lead me to that decision, but for the music side of my business, I go on gut instinct. I always wanted to try something new with a greatest hits, re-releasing singles with a new direction, and adding a few new originals along the way. I also wanted to feature some musicians on the album that I have worked with over the course of almost 10 years.

TITL: How easy/hard was it to choose which tracks to include?

KC: That was pretty easy for the most part. I just looked at my sales/YouTube views. Those were the winners.

TITL: Having won several awards including Silver Medal Best Dance Song for “Moon on The Water” and Best Emerging Female Award at the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards, do accolades like that hold much importance to you or are you more concerned by what your fans think?

KC: It is always always, always nice to be recognized by your peers. That never ever gets old. But, honestly, my fans will always hold the most weight if I had to pick.

TITL: How do you feel about social media and do you think this industry, and society in general, is perhaps too reliant on it? How have the likes of Twitter/Facebook etc. impacted your career?

KC: I have a love/hate relationship with all social media. I love to mass distribute information because fans love to see what I am doing. But, I hate the gaming of the media. How does one judge whether a song is good or not by the number of likes? I mean, a song is subjective. What one person loves maybe a song another hates. And, that is the whole point about different music – there is something for everyone. Facebook will never dictate by their ‘likes’ if I love a song or not. I suspect most people believe that as well.

TITL: You’ve toured the US, UK and the Caribbean, but of all the shows you’ve played could you pick your three favourites?

KC: 1. Baz Bar in St. Barths, 2. New Year’s Eve in the DR and 3. Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival

TITL: What are your upcoming tour plans?

KC: I just got back from Germany, Amsterdam and Croatia. I am doing a few shows in Miami then I’m off to Switzerland, and then in January, China. So, looks like a bit of world travel for me. I would not want it any other way!

TITL: If you had to pick one stand-out moment from your career so far, which would it be?

KC: Singing the National Anthem for the Giants NFL game in front of 78,000 people – thank goodness it was well before all this kneeling controversy!

TITL: Finally then, what advice would you give to anyone starting out in this industry?

KC: Never say never…don’t give up.  It’s hard. It’s never easy.  But, if you love it, you must do it.

Check out the video for “Burning” below and for more information on Kim Cameron, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


After wowing a TV audience of millions as a contestant on The Voice Israel in 2013, which she went on to win, American Israeli-Palestinian singer-songwriter Lina has gone on to have millions of YouTube views and has a growing army of fans around the world, with a few celebs including Alicia Keys, being among them. Having just released her new single, the star is now on tour in the UK supporting chart-toppers Little Mix, and ThisIsTheLatest caught up with her to chat tour highlights, social media and the power of dreaming big.

TITL: Hi Lina. First of all, I’d like you to introduce yourself in a few words please. What would you say your unique selling point is?

Lina: I love music – I can’t live without it. I’m a very hard working dreamer and that’s it. I’m a US born, Palestinian blood and Israeli citizen who is a singer-songwriter.

TITL: You first came to public attention after winning The Voice Israel. How has life changed for you since that moment?

L: Completely. When I started on The Voice, I was still in my first semester of university, studying biology as I wanted to be a doctor. After The Voice, I quit to focus on my music and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I toured Israel and for the last few years, I’ve been focussing on the UK market. I’ve been signed by my amazing manager who owns a label and I’ve since gone on to support Queen and Adam Lambert, Will Smith and now Little Mix, so it’s been amazing.

TITL: Do you think you’ll ever go back and finish your degree or is it music 100% for you now?

L: Hell no. It’s music all the way for me now, definitely. There’s no way I’d go back to university.

TITL: You’ve already earned yourself a number of A-list fans including Alicia Keys and Will Smith, but which band or artists’ support/admiration would you most like to receive and why?

L: The list is SO LONG. Let’s say right now I would love to get the support of Ed Sheeran. He’s such a phenomenal song-writer and performer and artist. I would love to be noticed by….this is such a tough question! I wish Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were still alive and Eminem. Every time I say Eminem, people are like “Really?” I know a lot of his songs by heart and whenever I’m angry or needing some motivation, I just play his albums so yeah…those four for now.

TITL: I have to say I was not expecting you to say Eminem either…

L: Like, why? Am I too cute? (laughs)

TITL: You’re currently supporting chart-toppers Little Mix on their arena tour. How did that invitation come about?

L: My management is familiar with their management and they sent them some of my performances and songs; things that I’d written or co-written and they liked it. They thought I was very suitable to support Little Mix so yeah, that was it…

TITL: How are you finding the tour so far? Any favourite moments or highlights?

L: Every show is amazing. I just told Leigh-Anne from Little Mix that their crowd is fantastic. They are so supportive and so loving. On and off stage; all over social media – they’ve been the best. I think every time I listen to the crowd singing along, it’s phenomenal. Those moments are my highlights every night.

TITL: For those who have never seen or listened to you before, what can they expect from your set?

L: You can expect to see many sides to my personality. I start the show with a ballad on the piano – my custom made pink Lina piano which I’m still very excited about – and then I perform “Can’t Keep Falling” which was number 1 on iTunes Israel and number 4 on the Music Week Chart. There’s a bit of dancing and I do a special version of “Symphony” by Clean Bandit, with an ethnic spin. I think what comes next is the favourite part of my set for the Mixers – I do a cover of “Hair” by Little Mix but as a very, very emotional ballad. I then close out my set with my new single “I Wore It Better” at the end of which, I take my red sweater off and throw it to the crowd. On the last couple of shows, people have been coming towards the stage just specially for that moment – to try and catch my sweater. If you come to one of the shows, you’re going to have so much fun; I promise!

TITL: Which of your songs would you say is the most well received on this tour?

L: People really seem to be liking the new single, yeah, but even when I start the show with my ballad on the piano, which is called “Forget”, the crowd just goes crazy, and I never expected that because, you know, they’re Little Mix fans and I think I thought they’d like more of the up-beat pop songs.

TITL: Has being on this run of shows with the girls got you thinking about maybe doing your own headline tour here in the UK in the near future?

L: Of course yes, that’s the dream. I hope that it will happen soon. The album drops at the beginning of 2018 and is called Walking On A Tightrope so hopefully some tour plans can be made in support of that.

TITL: Can you actually walk on a tightrope?

L: Not yet! (laughs) But I will try to do it on my own tour.

TITL: You mentioned earlier that you’ve toured with Queen and Adam Lambert, but you’ve also performed at number of festivals all over the world, so if you could put together your dream show line-up, with four bands or artists who can be living or dead, would you most like to stage a stage with?

L: Freddie Mercury for sure. I would learn so much from him. Watching Queen on stage and being with them backstage was like a dream come true and I learned so, so much, but I think that if Freddie was there, it would have been insane. I think he’s the best performer the world has ever seen. Him and Michael Jackson…

TITL: Can you imagine a mash-up of those two?!

L: Oh my gosh! (laughs) Let’s see, who else? Beyonce, of course – she’s like my queen for ever and ever. Taylor Swift who is the queen of pop and Eminem. That’s it. I got all the music genres in there I think!

TITL: Just imagine the collaboration you could come up with on stage…

L: I can surprise everyone. I can rap, I can be classical, I can be pop, I can be rock…that’s why I love the stage so much. You can be whoever you want.

TITL: Taking into account the millions of YouTube views your performances on The Voice alone received, to what extent has social media impacted your career and how much of a vital tool do you believe it to be for bands and artists in this day and age?

L: Social media has a lot to do with my career, and my life too. I’ve grown up with social media and can’t even remember a time before it, or what life looked or felt like before it was around. I think that I wouldn’t get or have the recognition I do in the international market if it wasn’t for Alicia Keys sharing one of my videos. That helped a lot and people getting to know me and my music through the tour with Queen and Adam Lambert had a big impact as well. A lot of people get to know me; who I am, what I like, the music I make…all through social media. I try to do my best to show the real me to everyone. I share both the personal and professional sides of me and I try to connect and communicate with everyone on social media. I just think it’s very important and has a great impact, not just on my own career but everyone’s.

TITL: Do you think we as a general society, need we be just every-day people or artists such as yourself, are too reliant on social media? Do you think you’d be able to promote yourself and your music in the way that The Beatles and others had to back in the day and still be as successful?

L: I don’t think that’d be possible today. The biggest artists in the world right now can’t beat The Beatles’ record sales or popularity in that way. But that’s how life is right now. When The Beatles rose to fame in the 1960’s and started selling their millions of records, if you look back to 20 years before that, the way in which music was created and promoted was again totally different. I can’t even explain it properly. It’s as if every era has created or developed its own way of making bands and artists popular, need it be through a focus on touring or regularly releasing music.

Artists do what they have to do – that’s how it’s always been and how I believe it’ll always be. I wish I could have a career like artists did in the old days – when music was more focussed on the voice, on the performance and what you delivered as an artist. Today you have to have the full package; you have to look good all the time as you have no idea who is going to take photos of you, you have to be nice to everyone, you have to deliver on both social media and the stage, both personally and professionally. It’s tough, but I’ll do it gladly because every time I go on stage, I think “Yeah, it’s all worth it.”

TITL: What does the rest of the year have in store for you? What happens after the Little Mix tour is over?

L: We are in contact with another very big artist and I might join them on their tour. Aside from that, I’d like to do a tour of my own and of course, I have my album coming out next year too.

TITL: Away from music and away from the media attention, what do you like to do when you’re just being you?

L: The first thing I love to do is sleep. I love to sleep and then Netflix and chill and have a great time with my family and friends; I don’t care where.

TITL: What have you been watching on Netflix lately?

L: Reign and The Tudors. I love anything connected to royal history. Even now on tour, I just ask my tour manager Serena, every time we’re near somewhere that has a castle, like in Scotland, if we can stay in one.

TITL: Finally then, where would you like to see yourself 5-10 years from now and what’s your ultimate ambition as an artist? What would you most like to be remembered for in terms of your music?

L: When they ask me what I want to be remembered for in the Middle East, I usually say that I want my music to be so good that no-one ever bothers to ask me about my political views, but here, no-one cares about political views from the Middle East and so I would say I want to be remembered for making good music that people loved to come and see performed live. That’s a very big deal for me; the idea and the fact that there are people out there who spend their hard-earned money to come and see me. That’s exciting and heart-warming for me, but I think sometimes people take that – meaning the support they get from fans – for granted. I want to touch the hearts of as many people as possible with my music. In 5 to 10 years, I want to see myself touring the whole world as much as possible.

TITL: You’re ambitious; I like that.

L: Yeah, I told you I’m a hard working dreamer. I always tell people “You can dream for free…so dream as big as possible.” Dream big – and if it doesn’t work out, dream less big, but NEVER stop dreaming.

You can catch Lina on tour with Little Mix now. A list of remaining dates and venues, as well as ticket information can be found here. For more information on Lina, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Instagram.