While most teenagers are still trying to work out what it is they want to do with the rest of their lives, Alexa Friedman has been on her first of two career paths for several years, and recently embarked on a second. Perhaps best known for her roles such as the lead in the film Sarah Smile, the fourteen year old has now launched a music career, with her current single “Meant To Be” offering help and support to the many victims of bullying. TITL caught up with Alexa to chat favourite songs, social media and her involvement with the Make A Wish Foundation.

TITL: Please sum yourself up in three words for me.

Alexa Friedman: Believe in Dreams.

TITL: You’ve been in the spotlight now for several years and you’re still just a teenager. Being so young, how do you handle the pressures of Hollywood and fame?

AF: It can definitely get difficult sometimes. Kids at my school don’t really understand what I do or why I do it. I have been doing this since I was 5, so I guess I have just grown up to get used to it. School is my number one priority.

TITL: You’re perhaps best known as an actress and for your roles in projects such as Sarah Smile, so why did you decide that now was the right time for you to branch out into music?

AF: I love trying new things. I have been singing my whole life, but never taken it as a serious career choice for myself. I have always looked up to people who could easily perform on stage without even a second thought. I started singing as a confidence booster, to get used to being on stage and to go into more of the entertainment industry. I then met Estani Frizzell and my whole image changed. She helped me become who I am today and I wouldn’t be here without her.

TITL: Whose musical styles and influences would you say you’re most inspired by when it comes to creating and writing your own material?

AF: I love Taylor Swift’s style of music, but I also love Selena Gomez and her music. I love how they are both so attached to their followers and fans. They are a huge inspiration to me and I hope to be like them someday.

TITL: Tell me a little about your latest single “Meant To Be.” Is there a story behind it or is it written for/to anyone in particular?

AF: The song was written for me…it is very deep and personal to me. I have been severely bullied and still am today. Many people don’t understand what it is like to be told to give up, that you’ll never be anything. This song was made to show the people that they will not get to me, that they never will. I want this song to help someone who needs it. Even if it only helps one person, it’s all worth it.

TITL: In your opinion, which is the greatest song ever written and why? Which song always makes you feel good and which one can always make you cry?

AF: “Sorry Not Sorry” – the no swearing version – by Demi Lovato is an amazing song that can inspire anyone who has been told they are not valued. I tend to not listen to sad songs because I love staying strong and positive. Even if a song is sad, I try to find the beauty and message of the song. If song was about someone who was hurt, in writing that song, I know that it helped the writer, or whoever the song was about.

TITL: What impact would you say social media has had on your careers and how do you find using platforms such as Twitter and YouTube in both personal and professional terms?

AF: Social media platforms have made a huge impact on my career. It allows me to reach out to my followers and feel a personal connection with them. I want people to see the real me, not always the singer and actor. YouTube allows my music to reach around the globe. It’s really neat when I get comments from other parts of the world saying they love my songs and the messages. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference, even in the smallest of ways.

TITL: What do you most like to do with any down-time you get? Are there any particular places you like to vacation or are you more of a ‘stay at home, Netflix and chill’ kind of girl?

AF: I love to hang out with my friends. Shopping is a personal favorite of mine, but I also love staying home in my PJ’s and watch “Stranger Things” on repeat. My favorite place to visit is LA! It is definitely my second home, but my first choice to get away to. Oh yeah…playing with my dog Cinnamon is always a blast. She has tons of energy.

TITL: How did you get involved with the Make A Wish Foundation and what is it about the charity that means so much to you? 

AF: Make a Wish has been a part of my life since I was 7. I started a lemonade stand one day and made over $200. I knew I didn’t need the money so I asked my mom to search local charities because I wanted to give them the money. She read me a list and what they did. Make a Wish really hit me in my heart. I instantly knew that’s where I wanted to go and we drove there the next day. I wish more people dedicated their time to charity because we have so much to give. Unfortunately, because of my age, it does limit me on how much I can physically do. So, for now I just make financial donations. Once I’m 18, I can volunteer my time to make a larger impact. Why do some get opportunities and others don’t? Make A Wish has tried to change that.

TITL: With two growing careers already established, are there any other dreams or ambitions you want to fulfil? What’s currently on your bucket list?

AF: I am currently a finalist for Miss Teen New York. I hope to win and become a representative for New York in the Miss Teen USA pageants. I feel that I want to inspire young girls and boys to understand that they are not alone. Many people have family and life struggles. It takes connecting with the right people to overcome those issues. I want to bring light to bullying and cyber-bullying as they have affected a huge part of my life.

TITL: Finally then, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps and pursue a career in film and/or music? Is there any advice you’ve been given over the years that you tend to think back on?

AF: Do it! I believe anyone can do anything they put their minds to. If I can do it, anyone can. My favorite saying I always say is “Practice makes progress, because no one is perfect” So practice! Start in your community. Family is your biggest support group because they love you unconditionally. I believe in you! Don’t let others get in your head. It’s not an easy road. There are days that the rejection can really get to you. I wanted to quit a few years back because I wasn’t growing. My parents told me to keep trying and to not give up that easily. I trusted them and they were right. Without them I wouldn’t be here. So, listen to your family…they know what’s best for you!

Check out the video for “Meant To Be” below and to keep up to date with Alexa, you can follow her on Twitter. Header photo credit: Nirvana Studios Hollywood.

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KTEE – has been singing since the moment she spoke her first word and hasn’t stopped since. Countless hours of her childhood were spent in her tiny room in Maria Neustift (Austria), her home town. This is where she trained her voice on her own, relying only on her mother’s bulky red tape recorder. One pop song after another was recorded, listened to, analyzed and re-sung until she was fully satisfied with the sound. In fact, 102 recordings were collected on her treasured cassettes to the point of breaking – literally


But who is KTEE and why should you listen to her music? KTEE is a self-confident, independent, perfectionist, energetic singer who can laugh about herself and who knows her own mind. She isn’t really a “bad girl” but she definitely is not a “goody-goody” or the so- called “sweet girl next door”. She wants her audience to have fun and “rock their lives” along with her. Her motto: “Dare to do what you love, remain true to yourself, make something of yourself and don’t take life too seriously”. All of this is reflected in her songs, presenting the audience with her outstanding message behind a powerful voice.

With all that being said, KTEE introduces us to her debut Track, “So What”

“I’m stronger than my mistakes” – This is the first line of the chorus and also the main message of the song “So What”. The powerful song reflects the singer’s personality and also her personal growth from a teenager full of self-doubts to a self-confident young woman who knows exactly what she wants and who (most of the time) gives a sh* about what other people think about her.

“When I was younger, I had to struggle with depressions and eating disorders and I didn’t really accept myself the way I was. Even worse, I did not know who I was, but wanted to know so badly. I never gave up, I found me and since then I’ve been tryring to follow my dreams.“, so KTEE.

The singer also admits that it is not always easy and that the well-known saying „Follow your dreams“ is often easier said than done and that she still falls on her face sometimes. But she always tries to do it her way, to fight for her dreams and beliefs, no matter what others say, because she says „it is MY WAY and MY LIFE. And the mistakes I’ve made and still make – they make me stronger . I am stronger than my mistakes, even when the earth shakes. SO WHAT!?”,so the singer.

Support her on the Social media/Website below;


Edgy and somewhat alternative singer-songwriter Jennings Couch first came to considerable attention thanks to his previous single “Serotonin” and is kicking off 2018 in similar style thanks to his new release “Stay Out.” With an EP in the works, which he’s remaining considerably tight lipped about, and dreams of playing MSG, Couch spoke to ThisIsTheLatest about social media, his USP and what it’d take for him to feel like he’s “made it.”

TITL: First of all, who exactly is Jennings Couch?

Jennings Couch: I’m an alternative singer-songwriter born in New York City in 1995. When I was 9 years old, I moved to London where I’ve been ever since. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been wanting to make my own music. I remember in one of my guitar lessons when I was 6 or 7 years old, I asked the teacher if he could stop teaching me other artist’s songs and to start teaching me how to make my own.

TITL: What would you say makes you different from all the bands and artists around today? What’s your unique selling point?

JC: I think what makes me stand out as an artist is the way I write lyrics. I’m not afraid to take a subject I enjoy like astronomy, physics or philosophy and turn it into a relatable song. I’m also not afraid to try out new sounds when I’m working in the studio. It’s important to have a consistent sound but, at the same time, a little experimentation here and there is what gives a song character.

TITL: Growing up, which bands and artists were you most influenced and inspired by? Have those influences changed much over the years and how big of an impact do you think they’ve had on the music you make?

JC: Growing up, I was into alternative rock bands like Green Day, Hoobastank and the like. In my early teens I was into heavy metal. I mean REALLY heavy, like Suicide Silence heavy. Then in my late teens I got really into folk music like Ben Howard. More recently I’ve been really enjoying Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and Grandson. I think my you can find influences of all these different genres in my music. I simply make the music that I enjoy listening to.

TITL: You’ve just released your new single “Stay Out”. Is there a story behind it and what ultimately made you decide it’d be a good track to share?

JC: The inspiration for ‘Stay Out’ was all the stupid, immature arguments you have with your partner. It reminded me of how a kid gets angry at his parents and puts a sign on the bedroom door saying ‘Stay out of my room!’ I thought it could be cool to write a modern break up song represented through those sorts of childish tendencies. As my first release of 2018, I wanted to kick off with a strong, punchy and energetic track and this one ticked all those boxes!

TITL: Is there an EP or album in the works and if so, what can you tell me about it?

JC: There is an EP in the works and all I can really give away is that there are going to be some real anthems on it! I’m actually shooting the music video for one of the tracks in the next couple of weeks.

TITL: Do you have any tour/performance plans in place for the next few months?

JC: I’m busy applying for festivals and hoping to tour the UK or Europe on a support tour. Before that, I’ll be playing the Half Moon Putney on the 26th of February and I’m also booked to play Lechlade Festival in May!

TITL: If you could play any venue in the world, which would it be and why? What is it about that venue that means so much to you?

JC: If I could play any venue in the world, it’d have to be Madison Square Garden in New York City. I’ve only been there once in my life, and I was 6 years old and it was a Duran Duran concert. There’s something quite nostalgic about returning to your place of birth to play their biggest venue.

TITL: How do you feel about social media and do you think there are any downsides to the power it can and does have in terms of the impact it makes on an artists’ career and ability to reach an audience?

JC: Well… I find social media very hard to keep up with. In all honesty, I’d rather just enjoy my dinner rather than take a picture of it and share it with everyone ‘I think’ cares. I always find myself forgetting to post or forgetting to share something. In the end, I need to get on social media more as I know it will help expand my audience and get my music heard, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me. Social media is so saturated with people doing exactly what I am doing, so I think it’s important to be different and really portray yourself as an individual.

TITL: Finally then, what’s your ultimate career goal? At what point, and what would you have to achieve in order to say to yourself, ‘Yeah, I’ve made it’?

JC: When I can pay the bills!! In all seriousness, if I switch on the radio or walk into a shop one day and hear one of my songs – that will be the day that I say ‘I’ve made it’.

Check out “Stay Out” below and for more information on Jennings Couch, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.