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 The internet is buzzing with news that Mariah Carey may be pulling a Beyonce and releasing a ‘suprise album’. Jermaine Dupri, the songstresses long time producer and friend but now turned manager recently was attacked by the lambily. Apparently JD (short for Jermaine Dupri) has not being doing his managerial duties in the benefit of getting the queen of music that promotion her album needs.

This is just one snippet of Jermaine firing off back at Mariah Carey’s loyal fan base:

The lambs are not happy.

 So basically JD is saying Mariah Carey is the boss and he’s just an advisor? What do you guys think? It is an odd relationship for JD to be given manager title but no actual managerial duties. However no need to doubt we know Mariah Carey is a boss within the music game and probably has something lined up!

 For example the new album which is slated to be released on the 6th of May. However pop dust are reporting Mariah is going for a surprise release so it could happen anytime. Although this may come as news to some of the younger lambily but there is groans all over the internet for the hardcore fans. Mariah’s recent singles, although great have failed to perform on the charts due to lack of promotion. 

The promotion needed to help an album strive seems mandatory in the current music sales decline. However it seems Mariah is either unfased by possible poor first week sales or she is simply doing this album for her fans. I mean lets be honest! Mariah has got enough sales on her belt to last the next six generation.

Stop messing this up now baby! Mariah sings to JD.


p> To the lambily and all the fans of Mariah Carey share with us what you think about Mariah’s quiet plans and is this her messiest era?

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