As someone who has been writing songs since she was 14, Chlo has long since had a passion for music. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, and currently gearing up for the release of her EP Fools Gold, she’s an ambitious woman set to make her own mark on the music world. Having dropped her new single “Blessings At Night”, earlier this month, Chlo spoke to ThisIsTheLatest about her views on social media, the nicest comment she’s received and her advice for new and aspiring artists.

TITL: Who exactly is Chlo in a few words?

C: I would say Chlo is super extroverted with an “in the moment” approach to life. Stays super focused, goals set, and works hard to get it done.

TITL: You began writing songs at the age of 14, but exactly when did you feel/ know that you wanted to make music a career?

C: Music has always been my creative outlet. Songwriting helps me work through situations. I was able to realize that connection between hurt and healing by writing a song, so I always took it very seriously. As my singing and writing got stronger, I earned cooler opportunities with incredible producers and people in the industry that supported my dream. I became more confident and found my own style and voice. I couldn’t imagine not being in this career. It’s just weaved into how I see situations and how I process and share myself.

TITL: Which bands and artists were you most inspired or influenced by growing up and how, if at all, have those influences changed? How do they impact the music you make?

C: I have always listened to and WORSHIP Whitney Houston’s and Amy Winehouse voices and vibes. The two had very different styles, but wrote about very real feelings and sang them with incredible passion. I love real, honest-transparent musicians who take risks and lay it out there. Amy was fearless in her songwriting. Whitney’s live vocals sounded insane. These two women had confidence, and their music impacted me for sure.

TITL: Is there a story behind your latest single “Blessings At Night”?

C: “Blessings At Night” was a song that came about after a breakup. Music is my creative and EMOTIONAL outlet, so I was writing like two million songs about the hurt. After working through a lot of it, I started to see it from a different perspective. I leaned into the idea of the advice “a mama gives” and switching it up to be about taking care of me, moving on with my head held high. Basically being empowered with an “I’M GONNA BE JUST FINE” mentality. The chorus has some of the sayings, quotes and personal experiences my mom has actually shared with me to reinforce a “moving on” and “his loss” mentality.

TITL: The track is taken from your upcoming EP Fools Gold. What can you tell me about it?

C: The EP is a collection of songs that share my experiences from relationships and dating. Even though, at times, it felt super low, it actually was gold because I learned so much. Some records are slow and emotional, proving I have been sad as hell over some stupid boys! There are some records that are happy and upbeat, proving that with time the experience wasn’t all that bad. Lastly, a few beats are mid-tempo and proving that I may not have viewed it as seriously as they did, and maybe they were the fool.

TITL: Do you have a favourite track on the collection and if so, which is it and why?

C: My “favorite” changes so often that it’s hard to say, but as of right now I have really been into “Blondie.” The response I’ve received has been so motivating. It is hard because they’re each intentionally meant to be different, and certain aspects of each record pull me in different ways. If you ask me in a few weeks it will definitely change.

TITL: As someone who has already achieved more than 60,000 streams of their songs, do you think it’s possible for artists today to achieve success and earn a following without the likes of Spotify and social media? How have the likes of Twitter impacted your career?

C: I think anything is possible if you are driven and focused. You have to support and stand by what you are putting out for all to see and listen to. You have to be real. Authentic. People will judge you regardless, so you need to be confident enough to know that you’re doing something interesting and staying current.

However, I get this industry is a grind. You can put out incredible songs but be lost in the streams and likes. It’s frustrating. I just can’t compare or question and keep being passionate and committed to my belief that I’m going to get there. I try to not waste too much energy on the metrics of this business, and worry more about what I want to ultimately share of me through music.

TITL: You’ve been featured and championed by the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Just Jared among others, but what’s the nicest thing someone’s said or written about you or your music?

C: The nicest thing someone said to me is, “Your creative talent, musically and visually is so unattainable.” That has always been something that has stuck because I feel that I put a lot of effort into my career, and sacrifice a lot to make music. Hearing that made me feel like it’s worthwhile and right.

TITL: Do you care much about what critics think or are you more concerned about the views and thoughts of your fans?

C: There is definitely more interest in what supporters have to say. Don’t get me wrong, there is motivation in proving yourself, but I rarely let that affect the connection with people who support me.

TITL: Are there any performance plans in the works you can tell me about?

C: An EP release party is in the works now where I will be performing the songs off the project live. After that, hoping to lock in some tour dates!!

TITL: Which three artists or bands, past or present, would you most like to share a stage with?

C: I would DIE to be on tour and share the stage with Beyonce and or Rihanna. Performing live and bringing music to life through staging, visuals, outfitting and even dancing is forever my dream.

TITL: Aside from the release of your EP, what else does 2019 have in store for you? What are you goals for the coming months?

C: Really hoping to get a lot of live performance opportunities. The creative side of setting shows and creating visuals is another aspect of this industry and it’s a process that I love so much.

TITL: Finally then, looking many years down the line, whose success/career would you most -like to emulate? What would you have to achieve in order to feel like you’ve “made it” and what one piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

C: To be honest with you, I would not like to emulate anyone else’s career, instead completely focus on my own. Sure, I would love to reach people like Beyonce or sound as good as Whitney, but I think my whole focus as an artist is to be relatable by doing things that are completely original. To make a lane for girls to express themselves differently and not just do what is standard.

Check out “Blessings At Night” below and for more information on Chlo, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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“Finally” is the most unusual music video I have ever released. It came out of my long relationship with producer-director Taner Tumkaya who collaborated with me on most of my recent music videos. Our last music video of “Meet Me Halfway” has had 70,000+ Youtube views. After 8 years in the U.S., he returned to Germany earlier this year, so we had to figure out a way to work. It was meant to be a lyric video initially, but in attempting to make the lyric video more interesting we happened on this stop-action animation. It turned out to be a great experience. It was a case of necessity being the mother of invention,” so to speak.

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