Coronation Street is to explore the devastating effects of historic child sexual abuse within a family. 

Gemma Winter’s world is set to be torn apart when it is revealed that her twin brother Paul was sexually abused by their stepdad Kel. 

In the coming weeks Kel will come back into their lives when Gemma and Paul’s mum Bernie is reunited with her ex. 

It soon becomes evident that whilst Gemma and Bernie welcome Kel back into the fold, Paul is unnerved by his return and is struggling having him around. 

Unbeknownst to Gemma and Bernie, Paul was sexually abused as a young teenager by Kel and the innocent boy was groomed into believing he and Kel were in a consensual relationship. 

However, when Paul’s partner Billy Mayhew discovers his secret he points out to Paul that he was a young child and was in fact being sexually abused by Kel. 

The heartbreaking story will explore Paul’s struggle to come to terms with what happened to him and his ultimate fight for justice. As the story develops Bernie will find it difficult to cope with the fact that she had no idea what was going on under her own roof. 

Coronation Street producers and writers are working closely with Survivors Manchester who are advising on the story. 

Producer Iain MacLeod said: “Gemma and Paul’s family background has always been fascinating to me – the inseparable bond of twins but with a huge fault-line down the middle, which we’ve hinted at but never explained. This story sensitively explores something that is tragically all too common in families in the real world and will highlight the way these painful events still reverberate many years later. It will, I hope, allow people who have survived similar abuse and perhaps suffered in silence to find their voice and speak up. It will also showcase the brilliant talents of Peter Ash, Dolly-Rose Campbell, Jane Hazlegrove and Corrie newcomer Joe Alessi in some incredibly challenging, powerful scenes. I am very proud of this story.” 

Peter Ash said: “I have known about this storyline for some time so have had the opportunity to speak to Duncan Craig at Survivors Manchester in advance of filming which has been great. His experience was really similar to Paul’s so it was invaluable for me to be able to talk about all the conflicting emotions and not accepting or realising it was abuse until later on in life.  I have also spoken to Jack P Shepherd about how he found filming the male rape storyline and he told me about the increase in calls to Survivors Manchester off the back of it which is incredible. It’s an important storyline and I want to get it right.” 

Duncan Craig from Survivors Manchester said: “Following on from our work on the David Platt rape storyline, I am delighted that Coronation Street have once again asked us at Survivors Manchester to help them with this sensitive storyline. We learned so much together before and the effort made last time is allowing us to tackle the finer and complex details of Paul’s feelings and behaviour. This story is going to resonate with so many male survivors, I’m proud of Coronation Street for committing to making sure it’s right.“Peter (Ash) and I have been talking a lot about how Paul would be feeling and I have shared some of my own experiences of breaking my silence which Peter has handled with so much care. I know this story will be difficult but as a survivor I have to say it is vital if we are to understand male sexual violence and abuse. Well done Corrie for being brave enough to tell this true story.“Once again, I’m proud to stand with Coronation Street in telling a difficult story as truthfully and as sensitively as possible. Their commitment to being authentic to real life issues is inspiring and I know first-hand the actual impact of these stories being told – our last piece of work together resulted in a 1700% increase in calls to the male survivor helpline!”

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Mornings on ITV will be fully live from the start of 2020 under a new schedule announced today.

From 6 January, Good Morning Britain will be extended by half an hour to run from 6am until 9am, Lorraine will move to 9am, followed at 10am by This Morning, also extended by 30 minutes, before Loose Women at 12.30pm, ending at 1.30pm.

Emma Gormley, Managing Director ITV Daytime, which produces all of the shows, said: “The ITV daytime teams consists of the very best on screen and off screen talent in the business, enabling us to set the agenda from early morning until the afternoon, as we pass the baton from show to show.  We can’t wait to bring our audiences an even greater abundance of personalities, surprises, warmth and humour and a bigger and better schedule for 2020.”

Kevin Lygo, ITV Director of Television, said: “Live television is at the core of what ITV does and what we bring to viewers.  Our new schedule presents the opportunity to engage with our audience throughout the first part of each day, with some of the most well-known shows on television, in a way that no other channel does.” 


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is back which can mean only one thing…

Leaving their plush pads and luxuries far behind, our celebrity campers will spend up to three weeks taking on the harsh surroundings of the Australian Jungle, with a whole host of brand new nasty surprises created just for them.

The ten celebrities heading into the Jungle for the new series are:

Ex footballer and broadcaster – Ian Wright MBE
Pop star – Nadine Coyle
‘Rak-Su’ singer – Myles Stephenson
Radio 1 DJ – Adele Roberts
Comedian – Andrew Maxwell
Soap Star– Jacqueline Jossa
Capital Radio DJ – Roman Kemp
Olympian and TV personality – Caitlyn Jenner
Ex England rugby player – James Haskell
TV and radio presenter – Kate Garraway

Whoever does end up in the terrifying and legendary Jungle camp will find themselves cut off from the outside world and praying the public doesn’t send them straight into a dreaded Bushtucker Trial.

Who will be crowned this year’s King or Queen of the Jungle? Find out this Autumn on ITV.

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly will present all the big stories live from the Jungle every night.

And remember – I’m A Celebrity…Extra Camp is back every night on ITV2 with a brand new presenting line up directly after the ITV show.


Phobias: Some of those things [snakes, rats and creepy crawlies] will make me squirm but I will deal with them when I am in there!
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: I am going in as me and I am not going in to try to be anything different.
Role in the camp: Help out with all the activities.
Miss most: Aside from my family, football.
Dream camper: Someone who has knowledge and wisdom.
Missing any special occasion: Football punditry work commitments
Relationship status: Married

Arsenal and England football legend Ian Wright reveals he sought the advice of his friend and former winner, Harry Redknapp, after deliberating over whether to finally accept an offer to appear on this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Ian – who is now one of TV’s best-known football pundits – says he has rejected countless approaches in the past because he felt there was too much jeopardy involved.

But after being impressed by Harry’s efforts in the Jungle last year and seeing the camaraderie formed around the campfire, he decided he’d love to take part in what he describes as a ‘brilliant family entertainment show’.

“When I was first approached this year, we thought about it for ages as it is not something where you think ‘ah I will do that’,” reveals Ian, who is also affectionately referred to as ‘Wrighty’.

“I have been asked to do it every year and every time, I have always thought I am definitely not doing that because there was more and more jeopardy involved. “But I think the last series was one of the best I have seen in respect of camaraderie.”

“Harry and I play golf together and we spoke about it. He had a really great time, it was a fantastic thing for him to do and he is still talking about it to this day!”

“Now it does appeal to me at this particular time. I like the vibe, it is a really cool show and I am really intrigued.”

And the 56-year-old reckons that now he has signed on the dotted line, the ‘football fraternity’, especially fans of Spurs who are his former club’s arch rival, will be voting in their droves for him to take part in the trials.

“The football fraternity will be watching,” admits Ian. “Not only do they want to see me do well but for the ones who may not be so keen on me will want to see me go through stuff that they would never dream of!”

“And it’s the Spurs fans opportunity to get me back! I’ve caused them so much heartache (in the past)!”

Readily admitting he will find the lack of technology and small food rations tough, Ian says he is going to miss being able to catch up on the latest football games terribly.

“I am definitely going to miss football. I don’t think I have ever been in a situation where I have been that isolated from the game in my life.”

“I am also going to miss my family. I speak to my missus every day and it’s going to be a test.” A very easy-going person, Ian says he will help around the camp as much as possible and try to make sure there are no major fallouts. “I am not going in to be an entertainer or cook,” he stresses. “But I will help where I can. I think things will happen naturally and you will deal with it.”

“Snakes, rats and creepy crawlies are also not the kind of thing I would have in my bedroom! Some of those things will make me squirm but I will deal with them when I am in there. And to be honest, I am trying not to think about it too much because if you do, you could tie yourself in knots!” Swamped with work, Ian stresses going on the programme is not to boost his profile. “I am in a position where everything is going really well,” he adds. “I’ve got some great things with football, England, the Premier League. I don’t need people to like me! Whenever I come out, I am working again.”

As for whether he thinks he can win or not he admits it would be the icing on the cake if he was crowned the winner. Says Ian: “The prestige of becoming ‘King of the Jungle’ is great kudos. You have seen how popular Harry has become but you can’t go in trying to win. People watch the show and they see different qualities in everyone that they like or may not like…”


Phobias: Heights, rats, snakes – everything!
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: There’s nothing I can think of. This is so outside my comfort zone!
Role in the camp: Cook and someone who is there to help with chores. Miss most: My daughter, Anaiya.
Dream camper: Nadiya Hussain – she would be great for cooking us meals.
Missing any special occasion: No
Relationship status: Single.

Former Girls Aloud singer, Nadine Coyle, has revealed she signed up for I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in a bid to dispel her fear of trying anything new.

The 34-year-old explains since she became a Mum to her daughter, Anaiya, she has lost her gutsy attitude and become quite fearful of simple things in life like flying.

And by signing up for I’m a Celebrity, she hopes stepping outside her comfort zone will give her renewed confidence.

“I really want to try something completely new. I am scared of so many things. I used to be brave. In the past, I’ve opened a restaurant, had a record label, had my daughter and it was go, go, go with all of these. Now I have got so fearful even being in the car, flying or general things. I think it is since I became a parent that I am much more afraid.”

“I really hope that by doing this, it pushes me so far out the comfort zone and that I learn to be comfortable, feel relaxed and do the things that I didn’t used to be afraid of.”

Admitting she feels like it is a surreal dream now the day is fast approaching when she enters the Jungle with the other celebrities, Nadine says she is dreading being apart from her daughter. If she doesn’t get voted out first, it will be the longest they have been apart. “I have been away for ten days for work before but not longer,” she says. “I am dreading being away from everybody and not being able to phone and say ‘how are you doing?’ ‘How is my daughter?’.

“I am excited but it also feels like a dream still. I know it is going to be a whole different story when I get out there!”

She hopes her experience of running a restaurant will prove helpful in the camp when it comes to cooking meals even though she has never actually lit a fire outside before. “There is going to be so much new stuff to learn,” she explains. “I’ve never boiled water on a fire, chopped firewood, slept outside – I do hope I learn stuff about me and it’s the next phase.”

Recently single again, Nadine isn’t sure how she will cope surviving on beans and rice. “I think I am very typical (of lots of people),” she says, “If you go too long without stuff then horrible things can happen. My personality goes straight out the window! I am one of two personalities – I go quiet by trying to conserve the energy and the other is raging and going ‘noooo’!”

Her family, she goes on to add, have mixed emotions about Nadine’s decision to do the programme. “Some of my friends and family were really shocked,” she admits. “They asked me what I was doing and pointed out I was afraid of my own shadow! But I am just hoping my Jungle lady will come out!

“My sister’s husband is an ex marine. He did offer to do some marine training with me in the run up to it but I thought that was a bit too extreme!”

I’m A Celebrity is Nadine’s first big TV project but she stresses she is not doing it to further her career. “What I like about this is people are relying on you and it’s such an amazing opportunity,” she adds.

“And I am not even going there when it comes to the idea of winning! I have no Jungle experience and I can’t even imagine myself being in it.”

“I just want to enjoy it all. I am the middle sister in my family and so I do think I am good at being neutral in these kinds of situations. I hope I can help anybody in any way I can…”


Phobias: Bugs and spiders – I have to get my family members to get rid of them for me!

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: Nothing. I am a pretty normal person. I even go to the shops in my PJs!

Role in the camp: Cook

Miss most: My PlayStation. I love gaming!

Dream camper: Sir Elton John. I admire him so much and he’s a Watford boy too.

Missing any special occasion: No

Relationship status: Single

He is one of this year’s Jungle bachelors but RakSu star, Myles Stephenson, has ruled out finding romance in the Jungle.

Smiling, the 28-year-old insists he wants to embrace single life and he definitely doesn’t want to find love under the stars.

But the 2017 X Factor winner says he can’t wait to get stuck into camp life on I’m a Celebrity and meet his idols – Ant and Dec.

Myles says: “Going on I’m a Celebrity is going to be so much harder than doing The X Factor but I am so excited. I have watched it for years and it is something I have always wanted to do.”

“I am a massive fan of the show and Ant and Dec. They were the reason I was a Newcastle FC fan initially growing up! Spending time with them and potentially people you have idolised over the years is so exciting.”

On finding love on the show, he adds: “I am single. I have just got out of a relationship but I think I want to be single for a bit and embrace single life!”

Describing himself as a ‘passionate’ cook, Myles promises to give it his best shot when trying to rustle up food from basic rations.

“I love cooking and I cook every night if I am not touring,” he reveals. “My favourite meal is Beef Wellington or West Indian food. You don’t get much to mess around with in the Jungle but I will try my best.”

Little food won’t be a problem either for the pop star. “I am alright on little food,” he explains. “If I am in the right mentality, I can work perfectly fine with minimal food as I am used to it. Obviously it is a totally different environment in the Jungle though!”

Listing Sir Elton John as his ideal campmate, Myles laughs as he admits he may well burst into song to try and lift everyone’s spirits. “If I am in a good mood I will definitely sing one of my songs,” he chuckles. “I will try and keep up everyone’s spirits. It would be nice to entertain. At the same time, I will be respectful to everyone if they want quiet time.”

But the upbeat star admits he doesn’t know how he is going to cope facing the trials – particularly as he is scared of bugs and spiders. “I know my family are going to be wetting themselves laughing watching me do Bushtucker Trials. Anything involving small confined spaces or bugs is going to be hard!”

“And it’s going to be so weird not being able to call someone. I will miss my PlayStation so much too. I am passionate about gaming.”

He says his Rak-Su band mates can’t wait to watch him. “I know they will vote to try and make me do the trials,” he adds. “They are really supportive and they totally understand. I would love to stay in the band but if other opportunities come along my way as well after this, you have to take it by the scruff of the neck. They would do the same. I would never hold them back.”

And whilst he admits he is a very competitive person, he says he wants to embrace the experience rather than going all out to win it. “This is about team work,” he explains. “I want to embrace the moment. Of course it would be a dream come true to be crowned ‘King of the Jungle’ as this is such a big TV programme and I know it would mean a serious amount to my friends and family.”

“But I am just excited to be a part of it! I feel a winner already to be on it and it feels so surreal. I am a pretty normal person who goes to the shops in my PJs! I can’t wait.”


Phobias: Spiders – I am so petrified!

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: I can’t think of any

Role in the camp: Cleaner and I’ll set up a pretend radio studio in the camp to inject some fun

Miss most: My girlfriend, family and music – a day doesn’t go by when I am not listening to it

Dream camper: Rita Ora – she is amazing

Missing any special occasion: My Dad’s birthday and he doesn’t know yet that I am going in the Jungle!

Relationship status: Has a girlfriend

Radio 1 presenter, Adele Roberts, readily admits she will fall to pieces if she spots a spider around the Jungle campfire.

Adele – who has hosted the BBC’s early morning show for more than four years – says her phobia of the eight-legged insect is so bad that she has to have cedar blocks around her house to prevent them from daring to enter it.

“I’ve only camped once and that was the worst night of my life,” she reveals. “I hate spiders. If I see one, I can’t speak, I freeze and I do this weird thing where I wring my hands together!

“I don’t know where it has come from but as I have got older, I have hated them more and it has now got to the point where I have to have cedar blocks in my house!”

“I am not too fussed about anything else but I have never even met a snake and so I don’t know how I am going to react! It’s the same with rats. On paper, they are cute but in real life they might be massive!”

Asked whether she has contemplated being hypnotised to quell her fear of spiders before she enters the camp and Adele replies: “I should! But I feel you are in there with people who are willing you on. I am hoping that will push me over the line and attack my fear rather than being controlled by it.”

Incredibly excited to be fulfilling a lifelong ambition to appear on the programme, Adele is the first celebrity to view the Jungle as a chance to have a lie in. Sleep deprivation, she explains, won’t be an issue given she has spent the last four years getting up at 2am to host her early morning show on Radio 1.

“My show is on so early, we have to make our own fun and so I have got some games we can play if I feel like we are getting bored.”

“I am thinking that I might make a little studio in the camp and draw a line. When people cross over the line, they are in my studio and I will interview them (like I do on my radio programme).”

A very non-confrontational person, Adele is predicting, however, she will burst into tears. “I get emotional when I don’t have food,” she reveals. “There will be some tears! But I am hoping to learn lots about myself when I am in the Jungle.”

“If other opportunities do come my way, I want to make the most of them rather than ignoring them.”

Laughing, Adele also promises if she does get crowned ‘Queen of the Jungle’, she will walk around with the winning crown forever more. “Wow if that happened, I would never let the stick go,” she adds. “I will carry on wearing the hat for the rest of my life!


Phobias: I don’t like the look of any of those guys – the insects and creepy crawlies!

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: Nothing – I am just going to be myself

Role in the camp: The person who cleans out the toilet every day and who collects the logs

Miss most: My wife, children, beer and football

Dream camper: Geoff Capes

Missing any special occasion: Other than my stand-up gigs, no

Relationship status: Married

Stand-up comedian, Andrew Maxwell has put insects on his face to help him prepare for life in the Jungle

And despite being a self-confessed news junkie, the 45-year-old also reveals he is glad he has the perfect excuse to miss listening to the politicians in the run-up to the general election.

Andrew explains “I am a massive current affairs junkie but to be honest, even I have had enough (of politics!). I will still vote in the general election but the idea of missing all the guff because I am doing a Bushtucker Trial does tickle me quite a bit!”

“I am really looking forward to being in Australia and being part of this year’s I’m a Celebrity. It was a no brainer when they asked me and I said ‘yes’ immediately.”

“In fact on the day of my meeting, we were clearing out our basement at home and there was a spider. I picked it up and put it on my face for a bit of practice!”

Rather than worrying about being away from his home comforts like technology and his bed, the comedian says he loves the idea of being in one place for a month. “My life is touring,” he adds. “And so the idea of not having to go to an airport, train station for a month…wow! That will be nice.”

“I also think you just have to accept the food rations as it is. My whole adult life has been on the road. It means you miss out on meals, maybe even two, and you just have to soak it all up.”

Asked whether he will try and entertain his fellow contestants with some stand-up routines and it’s a resounding yes. But he also laughs as he declares he is more than happy to be the ‘person who cleans out the toilet and collects the logs’.

“My littlest is two and so I am still in the world of wiping away poo anyway,” admits the Dad of three. “I have a long-standing reputation as someone who is willing to clean out the toilet in my mate’s caravan after a three day music festival too!”

Andrew confides the hardest challenge will be being separated from his wife and three children. “We speak every day and I will miss them a lot,” he says. “Half the worry is knowing how they are. But they will be able to communicate with each other and look after each other and they will know where I am!”

So is doing I’m a Celebrity tougher than performing a stand-up gig? Andrew thinks both are equally challenging. “They are both hard, “ he replies. “Every time you walk out on stage, you have no idea what you are going to encounter! You walk through a magic door! And with I’m a Celebrity, you are going to have creepy crawlies on your face!”

He says his family find it ‘hilarious’ he is taking part this year and he thinks his fellow comedians will also find it funny when they discover he is going in the Jungle.

“My family will definitely be voting for me to do the trials. They find it hilarious.”

And how will he feel to be crowned the ‘King of the Jungle’? “I will be really chuffed if I win,” he replies. “But with something like this, it is so much more pleasant to live the experience. Yes it will be uncomfortable, wet and there will be mosquitos and spiders but what an amazing opportunity this is.”


Phobias: Insects, creatures, spiders – everything

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: I think some people see me as a pushover or doormat – I am not.

Role in the camp: Shoulder to cry on

Miss most: My children, husband, family and social media!

Dream camper: Jamie Oliver would be wicked. He would be able to cook in the camp

Missing any special occasion: No

Relationship status: Married

Former EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa reveals she is looking forward to a phone detox in the Jungle as she predicts her soap friends will be shocked to discover she is a contestant because she ‘doesn’t do creatures’.

And the 27-year-old – who quit in 2018 as Lauren Branning in the BBC1 drama after eight years – also admits the toughest part of taking part in this year’s I’m a Celebrity is going to be entering as herself rather than as a fictional character.

“It’s going to be so difficult going in as me and that’s definitely going to be the hardest part,” says Jacqueline. “I have never done a show where I have been myself.”

“And I am also scared of everything – especially spiders! They are the worst, there will be tears!”

“My old colleagues on EastEnders are going to be shocked. I don’t think they can imagine me in there. I don’t like creatures. It is not my thing.”

“I have also never done rock climbing, jumped out of a plane or camped in my life. I am not that kind of girl.”

“But having said all that, I am really excited. This is something completely different and it’s going to be a totally new experience.”

“I am also looking forward to not being on my phone and Instagram all the time. It will be a detox for me.”

The TV actress also hopes to dispel some misconceptions about her. “I think people think I am a pushover or a doormat,” she explains.

“I also think some people pity me. I want to show I am fine, I am up for a laugh and that I will go for it and try my best.”

A mum to two young children, Jacqueline readily admits, however, she is going to find it very tough being separated from them. “This is definitely the longest I have ever been away from them and that is going to be really hard,” she says.

“I didn’t know how to face even telling them. In the end, I thought the best idea was to say ‘mummy is going away for work’ and I would see them soon. My family is so close-knit and I will miss them all terribly

What does her husband, ex TOWIE star Dan Osborne, think about her decision to take part? “He thinks I am going to be good,” she replies. “He is excited and he’s coming over to meet me when I come out.”

As for her role in the camp, Jacqueline thinks she will be a shoulder to cry on but the actress warns she doesn’t know how she will cope with little sleep and food. “I can get hangry,” she admits. “I do love my food but I am going in with an open mind. It’s also going to be great getting to know everyone and if I lose any weight, I won’t mind. I will put it back on at Christmas anyway!”

Asked how she would feel if she won this year’s I’m a Celebrity and Jacqueline replies: “Obviously I would love to win but you don’t go into it wanting to. This is one of those shows where you come out feeling proud of what you have done.”

“If doing this programme opens doors for me then that would be so exciting. There are loads of things I would love to do, both acting and presenting.”


Phobias: Cotton wool and I won’t like trials in the dark

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: I am always referred to as Martin Kemp’s son so it would be nice for everyone to get to know me a bit better

Role in the camp: The person who will do all the jobs nobody wants to do

Miss most: My parents and my girlfriend

Dream camper: Thierry Henry – I am a massive Arsenal fan!

Missing any special occasion: Other than my breakfast show, Capital Radio’s Jingle Bell ball. I have never ever missed it before

Relationship status: Dating

He is happy to crawl around with spiders and creepy crawlies but put Capital Radio’s Roman Kemp in a coffin with cotton wool and he will most definitely freak out.

Laughing as he readily admits he has some ‘strange fears’, the breakfast show DJ reveals it would be his worst nightmare if there were a new Bushtucker Trial involving his big phobia – cotton wool! “Some of the fears I have got are odd. I have got a strange fear of cotton wool. Why am I scared? It’s the texture and sound of it. I can’t even talk about it without getting scared and I definitely can’t touch it!”

“I don’t know when this fear first started but the only way I can describe it is like a nail going down a chalkboard – it has that effect on me. I hate it so much that if I am in a coffin with cotton wool, then that is going to be the worst thing ever for me!”

“I am fine though with things like insects and spiders!”

A huge fan of I’m a Celebrity, Roman says he wants to throw himself into every aspect of the show – whether that is helping with the jobs nobody wants to do like fetching fire wood or cleaning out the dunny.

“I am not scared of the eating trials because I grew up with Dad’s cooking! I think the eating ones I will hate but I will do them. The show is iconic and you want to do everything.”

His Dad is, of course, Martin Kemp. Roman’s mum is Shirlie Kemp. So what do they think of their son taking part in I’m a Celebrity?

“My Dad loves it,” replies Roman. “He is ready to find the worst freeze frame possible of my face and put it out on social media! Mum will say she hates it up until the day I get in there. Once she sees the show, understands it and grasps I am in there, I think she will be alright. She is really nervous though!”

“But I love this programme so much. I love it when it kicks off with the first show and you see Ant and Dec arrive.”

“I will be happy to get rid of social media but the thing I will miss most is speaking to my parents and my girlfriend.”

He says he hasn’t even thought about what it would feel like to be crowned ‘King of the Jungle’ but he thinks his colleagues at Capital Radio will laugh out loud when they discover he is one of this year’s contestants. “We have been on lockdown at work in the run up to this,” he adds. “But of the people who are aware of it, they can’t wait to see how much of an idiot I will be!”


Phobias: None but like everyone, insects do gross me out

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: To show I am exactly the same person as I have always been

Role in the camp: To be there for everyone in the camp and to help with chores

Miss most: My family, friends, house – everything!

Dream camper: Kanye West ‘he is a good friend of mine and he’s good to have an intelligent and interesting conversation with’

Missing any special occasion: Thanksgiving

Relationship status: ‘I have lots of friends’

American TV star, Caitlyn Jenner outlines why she has taken on the challenge of TV’s toughest Entertainment show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! – and she predicts it will be tough.

“I did the US version of this and it was a very interesting experience last time I did it,” explains the star

“Being in the Jungle is certainly not easy and yes, it is totally back to basics but I thought this would be a great opportunity to leave everything behind for three weeks. Last time, it was almost like a cleansing of the soul!”

Readily admitting she will find dealing with her fellow contestants the toughest part of doing I’m A Celebrity, she thinks her second time in camp will be a very different experience.

“Dealing with other people is by far the hardest thing,” she explains. “It’s much more difficult than dealing with the most poisonous snakes in the world. That’s easy – just stay away from them!”

“You can’t get away from the other people and it will be a very different experience for me. Last time, I did it with a bunch of people from the States who I knew of. This time it’s a bunch of people from the UK who I potentially won’t know. But I love going over to the UK, I love the British people and I am looking forward to making some new friends, new allies and getting through it all.”

Eating rice and beans is not, however, an issue for Caitlyn who describes herself as the type of person who is happy to muck in with all of the camp chores. She also promises to be on hand to solve any arguments

“I am definitely a peace maker and I do think I bring people together. I am also very handy making things and I am good at boiling water. I will also keep the fire going and when it starts raining, I will make little streams to go outside the camp rather than through it!’

Asked if she is scared of heights or any animals and Caitlyn reveals she doesn’t have major phobias but she does concede the idea of insects crawling all over her whilst sleeping ‘grosses her out’.

Caitlyn has ten children, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She is also related to Kim Kardashian who is the daughter of Caitlyn’s former wife, Kris. So what does her famous family think about Caitlyn going on I’m a Celebrity? Laughing, she says they did ask her why she wanted to do it but stresses: “I said, you know what, I need a break, I like challenges.”

To be crowned ‘Queen of the Jungle’, adds Caitlyn, would be a big validation that she had made the right decision to do I’m a Celebrity again.

“I hope the UK loves me!” she says. “I will go into the Jungle with a good attitude and a good sense of humour.”


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Phobias: I’m not going to tell you!
Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: I’m going in the Jungle to have a fun time but I’ve always done this lad bravado kind of thing and actually I am really different
Role in the camp: I will help around the camp with all the jobs
Miss most: My wife, technology and not being able to read a book
Dream camper: Idris Elba
Missing any special occasion: No
Relationship status: Married

Former England rugby union player, James Haskell, admits to having ‘big shoes to fill’ if he wants to emulate the popularity of his famous in-laws – Richard & Judy – on this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

But the 34-year-old says the chance to take part in the award-winning ITV series came at the perfect moment after his rugby World Cup dreams were dashed earlier this year when he had to retire due to injury.

James – who enjoyed a 17-year career that saw him play for England, Wasps and Northampton – admits: “A lot of my team mates had said in the past ‘wouldn’t it be fun if you went into the Jungle’ but I always laughed as a) I thought nobody would approach me and b) I thought I was going to be in the World Cup but I retired sooner than I thought!”

“And so to be asked is such a special opportunity. You will get to test yourself in amazing surroundings and find out a little bit more about yourself. I am excited.”

Going on to reflect on his wife and in-laws’ reaction to the news he was going in the Jungle, he adds: “ I have a fantastic relationship with them (Richard & Judy) and they are very supportive. They are massive fans of the show and they will be out in Australia.”

“Chloe, my wife, thinks it is fantastic too. She is really excited and I think she will love it. But I will miss her a lot. We have been inseparable for five years and we speak two to three times a day.”

“It will be a massive change (not being able to chat to her) and I think I will end up talking about her a lot.”

Desperate to keep a lid on what he is frightened of – ‘my poker face isn’t very good and so you will work out pretty quickly what I am terrified of’ – the sportsman has already tried fasting for a day to see how he will feel. “It was pretty horrific,” he says, laughing as he does. “I managed to go 24 hours without killing anyone and so that was ok but you just do not know how your body is going to react (once you go in). You also don’t want to make a fool of yourself either!”

He says he will definitely muck in with all the jobs and he may even try and train in the Jungle. But he knows he will divide opinion. James says: “I am very aware I am like marmite – you either love me or hate me. I created this persona amusingly for jokes about being a lad. But I am not like that at all. I am not going in to try to change perception. I just want to have fun!”

He does, however, concede it is going to be tough at times. Asked whether doing I’m a Celebrity will be harder than playing a rugby game he replies: “The mental side of things can be very tough and I am going in with an open mind. I also think there will be an expectation that I will be good at challenges as maybe I look the part physically but I might be absolutely terrified!”

As for how he would feel to be crowned ‘King of the Jungle’ and James replies: “It would be unbelievable. But I just want to enjoy it all.”


Phobias: Spiders, heights, being in a box covered with snakes – I am terrified of absolutely everything

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the Jungle: Nothing, I want to go in the Jungle and fly the flag for the older woman

Role in the camp: Cooking for everyone

Miss most: My family and not being able to check the news headlines about the latest Brexit developments

Dream camper: The Queen – she would be the best campmate in the world!

Missing any special occasion: Lorraine Kelly’s 60th party and Richard Arnold’s 50th party!

Relationship status: Married

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway hopes her fear of heights, insects and bugs in the Jungle will give the nation a laugh and provide much needed light relief from the Brexit political wrangles.

And the 52-year-old news junkie jokes she is going to ban everyone in the camp talking about whether Britain should ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ in Europe. Says Kate: “I am a news junkie and I can’t remember a time when I haven’t read a paper or even when I am abroad, watched the news on a TV or your phone. But maybe one of the joys of doing I’m a Celebrity will be not talking about Brexit! Maybe that could be this year’s thing and nobody is allowed to talk about Brexit because I have been talking about Brexit since the year before the referendum!”

“I am terrified of all of the things in the Jungle, especially heights – it is the crazy heights on thin bits suspended on bits of metal or wood. Or if you are in a little box with creepy crawlies or snakes in it!”

“But I am excited about doing the show because as you get older, you realise you don’t get many chances for pure adventure in life. I am going to give it a good shot and everyone can have a laugh and I hope it takes their mind off Brexit!”

Readily admitting she isn’t sure how she will fare with any of the challenges, Kate reveals her two children, Darcey and William, were also partly responsible for why she has decided to take part in this year’s I’m a Celebrity. “They are partly responsible for me doing it because they love the show so much,” she explains. “I don’t think they think I will be able to do it. Derek, my husband, is also excited about me doing this.

She says her GMB colleagues will have a shock when they find out she is taking part especially as she kept it a secret from them beforehand. “I can’t trust them to keep a secret,” she says as she explains why she didn’t tell them. “But I do think Ben Shepherd is going to be beyond delighted when he finds out as for years he has said ‘OMG I’d love to see you on the show. You are just so hilarious and I think you will be good’.

“He thinks I will be incredibly useless and I know he will have great pleasure seeing me squirm.”

Asked what role she will play around the campfire and Kate reveals she is ‘quite a good cook’. “But I think one of the worst crimes is probably to burn the rice when you are only given a little bit”

She isn’t sure if she will get emotional during her time on the programme but she insists the boredom won’t bother her. “I think that will be the fun bit,” she declares. “It’s a chance to get to know your campmates. I do like to talk! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone.”

“I’d love the Queen to join us in the camp! She’s so strong and tough, she’d take no nonsense! Everyone would be so gripped by her stories that you would never get bored. She would be the ultimate campmate but I think she might be a bit busy

Does Kate see herself as Queen of the I’m a Celebrity Jungle? “Oh gosh that is not what it is about for me,” she replies. “This is about having an amazing adventure. It’s not going to happen…Let’s not dream!