As the migrant crisis worsens and screens around the world are filled with the images of desperate families doing anything and everything they can to help them reach a better life, some tragically dying in their attempts to do so, UK band Evarose are doing their bit to help make things a little easier for the millions fleeing war and conflict in Syria and Afghanistan or those hoping to find sanctuary and stability within Europe.

Posting on their Facebook yesterday, the Oxford based quartet wrote:

“These past few weeks the news has been full of stories and heart breaking photos of people forced to leave their homes to try and find safety in another country, often risking their lives to travel. Only to find themselves stuck, often with out shelter/food/water. We are desperate to help in what ever small way we can. With this in mind, we have decided that we will donate the fullprice of any item bought from our online merch store during the month of September, to the British Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal. They will use the money to provide medical care, food, blankets and other basic essentials, as well as other support. We will leave a link to our merch store below, as well as a link to the Red Cross so you can read more about where the money is going. We are happy to sign anything as well, just put a request on the big cartel to let us know you would like your item signed. If you don’t want our stuff but still want to donate you can do so directly through the Red Cross website. ❤️ Imogen, Dannika , Connie and Robyn xx www.evarose.bigcartel.com www.redcross.org.uk.”

The band are the latest in a growing number of celebrities, musicians and sports teams offering to do something to help those less fortunate than themselves. Real Madrid announced yesterday that they would be donating more than $1 million to assist the growing number of displaced people arriving in Spain.

Football fans around the world have also been showing their support with Stan Collymore posting this on his Twitter:


The strengthening calls by both members of the public and MP’s for the UK government to offer more assistance has resulted in Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that the country will take in more refugees, but only from camps bordering Syria and not those already within Europe, something which hasn’t gone down particularly well.

The scores of people who are offering help to the millions looking for a better, safer life should be applauded and admired. As for those who continue to protest that the UK and other countries cannot afford to take in more people, perhaps they should think about what they’d hope countries would do to help them if they were the ones fleeing instead. #RefugeesWelcome

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Following the release of their new single “Up” and as the band prepare to embark on a tour of the UK and Europe later this month, ThisIsTheLatest caught up with The LaFontaines guitarist Darren McCaughey to talk live fan favourites, the venues he’s most excited to play and post-tour plans.

TITL: You’ve just released your new track “Up.” What is it about the song that made you decide it was a good fit for your next single, and is there a particular story behind it?

Darren McCaughey: We had a slight line-up change at the beginning of the year and this was the first track that we wrote following that. It felt like a new chapter for the band and a positive uplifting track to come back with. It’s maybe my favorite song we have ever written.

TITL: You’ve just completed a UK and European tour supporting Don Broco, and are gearing up to head out on your own headline tour of the UK and Europe this month. Are you ever NOT on the road, and what do you miss most about home when you’re away for long periods? 

DM: We relish every opportunity to get out there and play our music to as many people as possible so apart from the obvious things like friends & family etc. there’s nothing else we would rather be doing. The weather here can be pretty grim so it’s nice to get away sometimes.

TITL: How do your support slot shows differ, if at all, to your headline ones?

DM: With the support shows you want to get out there and make an impression and win over the audience. I’d say the majority of our fan-base have heard about us by seeing us support someone else. With the headline shows, we have already won the audience over so we just have to focus on giving them a night to remember. If you were to compare the two side by side there would be no difference in the actual performance just what’s going through my head.

TITL: For fans who are seeing you for the first time on this tour, what can they expect from your performance?

DM: A unique, entertaining and energetic performance.

TITL: Which of your songs do you find go down best with live audiences? Is there one that stands out or can it differ from place to place?

DM: We have a song on our latest album called “Torture” which has been going down really well. It’s a lot slower and mellow than the rest of the set but gets a great reaction and brings a different type of energy.

TITL: Is there one particular venue you’re most excited to play on this tour and if so, which is it and why?

DM: I’m excited to play in Milan & Warsaw as we have never been to either of those cities before and both look like great places to visit.

TITL: You’ve amassed quite a following since first bursting onto the scene, but how much of that might you say is down to the power of social media, and how have the likes of Twitter and Facebook helped get your name and your music out to a wider audience?

DM: We have always gained fans from supporting other acts and people seeing us live at shows and festivals. Social media has allowed us to promote our music to them and helps existing fans stay up to date with what we are up to.

TITL: Do you think, as a band, there’s such a thing as too much ‘reliance’ on social media? Do you think you could have drummed up the support you have over the years like you have without it – if you had to go ‘old school’ like in the 80’s and earlier? Is it possible for bands to succeed today without that online connection? 

DM: I think for us personally we could have drummed up the support we have without social media as we have always gained fans through live performance. Although I think now it is such an important tool and such an ingrained part of the culture that it would be very hard to get by without an online presence.

TITL: Finally then, with this new tour taking you through to early October, what does the remainder of the year have in store for you? Are there any plans or projects you can tell me about? 

DM: We’ll be heading back to the studio as soon as we come off of tour and in December we have a big festival appearance in India, then we round off the year on the 23rd of December for a homecoming show in our hometown of Motherwell.

The LaFontaines UK & European tour kicks off on September 12 in Perth, Scotland. Tickets for all shows are available now.