With a steadily growing US fan-base, the members of Morningside Lane: lead vocalist/guitarist Marc, drummer Alexander, back up vocalists/guitarists Jon and Ricardo along with bassist Chris collaborated to give this EXCLUSIVE interview to ThisIsTheLatestNews.com. They might not have the rest of the world in the palms of their hands just yet, but rest assured they’re doing their best. Read on to find out about their favourite tracks and how it feels to be in the shadow of a certain MCR…

You formed in 2009. How does it feel to still be going when so many other bands have fallen by the way-side? 

We’ve always thought of that. We have the core-four members of the band, Marc, Alex, Jon and Zach, our manager, who have been together from the start, and other band members have come and gone. The core-four of us have kept it together, and really believe in our music. Other bands don’t seem to have that type of connection amongst their members. We plan on playing music until we’re dead, and then some. Morningside Lane will live on just as long.

Hailing from New Jersey, were you at all uneasy about making your way in the industry while in the so called shadow of MCR? 

There are a ton of awesome bands that have come out of NJ, (Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls, Bruce, MCR as well) and we love that. There’s nothing uneasy about being able to call NJ our home. We couldn’t be more proud of it. We look up to these bands rather than envy them.

Where did the name Morningside Lane come from?

There isn’t much of a story behind it. It’s a cool little street that connects the two towns where the original four members live. (Palisades Park & Fort Lee, NJ).

How did you all find one another?

Alex & Marc are brothers, who grew up with Jon and always dreamed of playing music together. In 2009, they wrote some songs together and asked Zach to manage them. They started playing shows right from then. Ric has been one of our good friends for a while, and he’s always been a huge supporter of the band. We recently added him to further strengthen our sound. Our previous bass player left the band recently, so we found Chris through a friend of a friend. He quickly picked up our songs, and was ready for shows within a week.

You have a wide range of influences including Bruce Springsteen, Taking Back Sunday and The Beach Boys. That’s a rather eclectic mix, isn’t it?

All of the members of the band bring in a different influence to our sound. For years we’ve all been listening to all different types of music and have taken influence from all different genres. Some other influences include Gaslight Anthem, James Brown, Brand New, Blink-182, The Beatles, and a ton of others.

You’ve released two EP’s and a new song ‘He’s A Good Kid (Live) which is due, according to your Facebook, for release, on November 27th. How enjoyable, or difficult, is the writing and recording process for you as a band?

The live single is out now on our Bandcamp actually! We love writing and recording new music. We look forward to recording almost more than anything else. We’re always writing new songs together. As soon as we put out an EP, we’re in the process of writing our next EP. In fact, we’re going to be recording our next EP at the end of January at Little Eden Studios with Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls.

Do you have any favourite tracks, and if so, which are they and why?

Our favorite tracks to perform live are: The Fallen – a song that we’ve had around since the beginning of our existence, and recently gave it a makeover that makes the song as epic as it is. It is a staple in our live-set and really grabs the attention of the whole crowd. It is also a ton of fun to play live. A Fifth of Elvis – our newest song that has yet to be released, and will be on our upcoming EP. Another epic song that has become a staple. It combines many of our influences into one song.

You have a number of US dates coming up, taking you through to the end of the year. On top of that, you’ve been touring almost non-stop for the last two years. How do you find spending so much time on the road?

We love playing shows. We love playing new places and seeing new faces. We’re always looking to play shows around the region.

You’ve played with a number of local, upcoming bands such as Heroes In Error and Kick Back Tomorrow. If you could choose to tour with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

If there was one band we could go on tour with, it would be The Gaslight Anthem. We’re cool with some of the guys in the band, and they are one of our biggest influences and favorite bands. They’re also really awesome guys, and we could learn a lot from them.

The shows you’ve played so far have been rather small, so do you, like most bands, see yourselves playing the bigger venues in the near future?

Of course. That’s our primary goal. Play bigger venues. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Do you have a dream venue that you’d love to play? 

There are too many dream venues to narrow it down to just one. To play the main stage at the Nikon at Jones Beach Amphitheater in Long Island, NY would be a dream come true because we’ve played for some legendary acts on the side stage of the venue: Blink182/My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, Hall & Oates, and The Rascals. Also, Irving Plaza in NYC is a place where we’ve seen a bunch of our favorite bands and we would love to play there. Another dream venue would be Madison Square Garden. Not much explanation needed there.

Would you agree that most US artists would love to break the UK just as UK artists believe they’ve made it if they crack America and where do you think such a long-standing belief comes from?

That’s absolutely true. We’ve been looking to tour the UK for a long time now, as our social media sites have allowed us to gain a good amount of fans around the world, especially in the UK. It seems that all US bands want to play in the UK because there seems to be a more open attitude about music in the UK. People seem more open to new bands. At least from our perspective, we’ve noticed this.

Are you familiar with a lot of UK bands? Any you listen to?

Since we haven’t been to any UK live shows, none of us except Zach have ever been to the UK, it’s hard to get into bands from the UK around here. However, there are some bands that we listen to: Coldplay, Muse, Mumford & Sons, Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead. And then the classic bands: Sex Pistols, The Who, The Beatles & The Stones, obviously.

What are your plans then regarding touring outside of the US? Can your European fans expect to see you anytime soon?

Like we mentioned before, we would LOVE to hit the UK ASAP! However, for obvious financial reasons, we don’t see that happening in the near future. However, we would love to change that. That could change at any time. You never know what could happen!

You regularly use both Twitter and Facebook to connect with ‘old school’ and new fans. How important do you think social media has been in allowing bands to get more of a connection to their potential audience?

Like we mentioned before, social media sites have allowed us to reach a world-wide audience that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. We’ve gained tons of fans from Twitter alone. Facebook allows us to keep us updated with fans on a frequent basis. Bandcamp allows us to distribute and stream our music for FREE! All of these social media tools have been huge towards helping us reach current and potential fans.

Does it bother you that, compared to some artists, you only have a minimal amount of followers (just over 3300) or are you of the opinion that it’s the quality rather than the quantity that matters?

We’ll get there… Give it time… In all seriousness, our Twitter and other social media pages are growing on a daily basis. It would be nice to have a ton more followers, however, we’re proud of what we have, and we love our current fans more than anything!

If you had one sentence to sum up why people should check you out, what would you say? 

We’re an alternative rock n’ roll band, with punk roots, and a modern twist.

Finally then, where can people go if they want to find out more?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MorningsideLaneNJ

Twitter & Instagram: @MorningsideLane

BandCamp (free stream & downloads): www.MorningsideLane.bandcamp.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/MorningsideLane123

Merch: www.morningsidelane.infinitemerch.com

We’re also on Twitter & Instagram:

Marc Del Giudice – @MarcDelGiudice (twitter) @Marc14MSL (instagram)

Alexander Del Giudice – @AlexMSL_ (twitter & instagram)

Jon Khan –  @JonkhanMSL (twitter & instagram)

Ricardo Quadros – @Drricq (twitter) @Riicq (instagram)

Chris Beddy – @the_beddy_spesh (twitter)

Zach Edelman (manager) @ZachMSL (twitter & instagram)

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