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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became engaged early this year with a big dramatic televised surprise. The wedding is booked for 24th of May which isn’t that far away.

It is rumoured that Kim Kardashian, who has previously married before wants three ceremonies. Well if that isn’t going to be the most expensive wedding in the history of weddings we are not aware of our maths. As it’s well made aware Kanye likes to splash the cash on Kim who herself isn’t short of money. Kim and her family have built their own empire around a family reality show so they clearly have more than enough. However why three weddings? Why not one huge splash?

According to the rumours on Kim and Kanye are set to marry twice in France and once in Calafornia. However sources are claiming the three ceremonies are for legal reasons. America recognizes French marriages but to avoid any legal issues their lawyers have told them to have a marriage within America. Oh Kim and Kanye will not be put down by any legal issues as they plan their three extravagant weddings.

We wonder if all guests will attend all three? Also not details of Kim’s dress, bridesmaid part of Kanye’s best man have emerged yet. It is obvious the couple are keeping details under lock and key.


The happy couple.

Well we hope Kimye have beautiful wedding ceremonies.

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Following on from the huge success of previous single “No Apology”, which reached number 15 on the Billboard Dance Chart at the end of last year and was remixed by no fewer than 8 DJ’s, BlissBliss are back and once again ready and raring to share their hypnotic sound and story-telling capabilities with the world via new track “I’m Coming Through”, the video for which ThisIsTheLatest are delighted to premiere.

The duo, made up of Renee Bliss and Lang Bliss, have considerably varied tastes in music between them, but have successfully merged the many genres they like, including rock, pop, jazz and R&B, to create a sound that really is unique to who they are, both as individuals and as artists. Nowhere is this perhaps more apparent than on their new single; a second taster as to what fans can expect from their upcoming EP “3” which is out in November.

Asked about the video for “I’m Coming Through”, the duo said:

“We’re thrilled to be releasing our concept video for I’m Coming Through with This Is The Latest! It’s a throwback to old spy movie motifs in the look and feel and the director captured so well, what we had written in the lyric. We recorded the music in one take with the guys in the recording session and they captured perfectly as well, what we had envisioned for it. We love the way it turned out in the recording as well as the video!” 

Check out the video for “I’m Coming Through” below and for more information on BlissBliss, visit their website, give their page a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Header photo credit: Jose Guzman Colon.