With a career that spans both stage and screen, Luke Guldan is certainly no stranger to the entertainment business and 2018 has been and continues to be a busy and fulfilling one for the talented performer. His new show Tell Me A Story premiered last month and ThisIsTheLatest caught up with him to chat all things TV, keeping fit, and his advice for upcoming actors.

TITL: You’ve been performing on both stage and screen for a number of years now. Do you still feel that rush of excitement and passion you did when you first started out and exactly what is it about performing that you’re so drawn to passionate about?

Luke Guldan: For sure. The passion continues to evolve and grow. I have a great appreciation for film and expression. I’m not so drawn to performing exactly but more so the becoming / creating aspect, being immersed in that and so, being less aware of the actual performing.

TITL: Your latest show, Tell Me A Story premiered last month. For those who haven’t seen or heard of it yet, what can they expect from the series and how would you sum up your character Billy?

LG: Tell Me A Story is airing now on CBS All Access and it’s suspenseful, thrilling, fun, exciting, tragic, epic – typical Kevin Williams! Billy is a guy who’s trying to make his way in a tough city – and enjoying every minute of it.

TITL: What was it like working alongside Paul Wesley, Kim Cattrall and James Wolk? What would you say they’ve each most brought to the show?

LG: It’s always a great privilege to be involved in a project with such high-level and accomplished talent. I think each brings a wealth of experience, a huge fan base and a lot of range.

TITL: You’ve also starred in hit shows including Gossip Girl and Law & Order: SVU. Do you have any highlights/favourite memories from your time on those shows?

LG: Having strong roots in NYC – just having the opportunity to work on SVU and have that credit, is a huge highlight in itself. It’s one of those shows that has been around forever and so many great NYC actors have been on it – it’s kind of a seal of approval.

TITL: Your CV is testament to how versatile an actor and performer you are, but just how important to you is it that you’re able to take on a varied number of roles, and with that in mind, what kind of role, that you haven’t had yet, would you most like to? Is there a particular TV series or film franchise you’d love to appear in?

LG: The Avengers– rumor has it Captain America might be passing on the shield. So definitely going to take this opportunity to throw my hat in for that. I’m ready to suit up.

TITL: You’re returning to The Good Place. Without giving too much away, what can you say about what’s ahead for your character in episode 8 and do you know much as to where the series will go as a whole?

LG: It’s going to be forkin’ awesome. Trust.

TITL: With such a varied and lengthy resume, this might be a difficult question for you to answer, but what’s been the highlight of your professional career so far?

LG: I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great opportunities and experiences – but a highlight would definitely have to be ripping a suit off in front of Kristen Bell and Ted Danson – at the same time! Winning.

TITL: Given your busy TV and film schedule, do you have any plans to return to the stage, and which production would you most like to have a part in?

LG: Totally – a few favorite plays are 4000 Miles, All My Sons, and Sweet Bird of Youth.

TITL: Are there any other upcoming projects you can tell me about or are you just waiting for the next ‘right’ role to come along?

LG: I just finished working on a Sci-Fi action adventure film called Final Frequency that I’m excited about. I play a deaf veteran battling with PTSD. It should hopefully have an early 2019 release date.

TITL: Away from acting, you’re an accomplished athlete. How, if at all, does your passion for health and fitness tie in to your performing work? Do you find that keeping fit as you do enables you to work, and feel, better both personally and professionally?

LG: In performance, you use what you have – so without your health you have nothing. Maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul is a vital part of my life and definitely influences the work I do and the opportunities presented to me.

TITL: How do you like to unwind after busy day or hectic few months on a film/TV set?

LG: I thrive when I’m working or creating – so I don’t do too much unwinding. I’m more of an active recovery kind of person. Going to the gym is usually the “unwind.”

TITL: The entertainment business is, it can be argued, fickle and cut-throat, so what advice would you give to those just starting out in it and looking to make their mark? What one trait would you say they most need to have in order to succeed?

LG: Focus on the positive and have fun. A good sense of humor.

TITL: Finally then, given all that you’ve done so far in terms of your career, what’s left for you to tick off on your personal/professional bucket lists? At what point would you be content to walk away from this business believing you’d achieved all you wanted to, and more?

LG: I feel like I’m just getting started. And there’s always more to accomplish.

Tell Me A Story is airing now on CBS All Access. For more information on Luke Guldan, visit his website or follow him on Twitter. Header photo credit: Richard Gerst.

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Having already earned himself coverage from the likes of The Huffington Post among others, it’s fair to say that Matt LeGrand’s career is steadily on the rise. His latest single “12.00AM” was released in July and while already working on his big plans for 2019, Matt spoke to ThisIsTheLatest about being inspired by Ed Sheeran and his one big goal for the future.

TITL: How would you sum yourself and your music up in 4 words?

Matt LeGrand: Lord. Of. The. Rings.

TITL: What would you say makes you different from all your artistic counterparts?

MLG: Simply just me being me. I know that always sounds like a broken record but it’s true! Out of the 7 and a half billion people in this world, no one has the same DNA or fingerprint. No one can unlock my iPhone but me! So many of us try and be like others. We constantly compare ourselves to others and I guess it’s normal. I do it all the time and I think it’s a necessary part of the self-discovery process. The important part is to always come back to yourself while you take a little from everything you’ve experienced. That is how I believe a character is built.

TITL: Which one artist are you personally and professionally most influenced and inspired by and how does their music impact your own?

A: I’m very inspired by Ed Sheeran. The honesty in his art is what I find the most incredible. He isn’t hiding behind anything. You can tell that he is fully present and has compassion towards everything that he does, whether it’s performing or an interview. He cares about his audience and he doesn’t let nonsense interfere with the responsibility he has every time he gets up on that stage. Ed Sheeran has inspired me to write music that means something to me.

TITL: You were discovered by Bryant Reid, the man responsible for launching the careers of Usher and Toni Braxton. How did the two of you come to meet and how have Bryant’s connections and his career in the industry impacted your own career so far?

MLG: Bryant and I met in Chicago when I was stuck in a little bit of a mess. I did not have the right people surrounding me and there were way too many “cooks in the kitchen.” Bryant got me out of it and now has taken full control as we get ready to go full force. When I met Bryant, he cared so much for the project and still cares about it the same way today. More importantly he cares about my family and me. Life has gotten a whole lot easier now and I have everything I need to get to where I need to be.

TITL: Is there a story behind your latest track “12:00AM”?

MLG: This song was a collaboration with a team down in Atlanta. It only took about 5 hours to write and record it to completion. It’s a really simple song about wanting to see a person that you miss. The song’s title, “12:00 am”, is really more than just a point in time but a feeling of exhilaration that takes over you. It’s about that feeling of getting to see that person after a long day.

TITL: You’ve so far had your music featured on the likes of Huffington Post and MTV-U among others. Of all the comments and support you’ve received so far, is their one media feature/blog post that stands out most prominently?

MLG: Yes! I released a Christmas cover last year and it was written up in the Huffington Post the day after Thanksgiving. Seeing my face on an article on one of the biggest commercial days of the year was really something!

TITL: What would be the nicest and best thing a media outlet or fan could say about you and your music?

MLG: That I helped people to be themselves and just have a good time.

TITL: We’re a few months away from the end of the year – what’s in store for you up until that point, and have you started planning for 2019 yet? 

MLG: I am closing out the year with an album and more videos. We are planning to hit the ground running even before 2019!

TITL: Finally then, as your career continues to build traction and support, what’s the ultimate goal? Where do you want to be 5-10 years from now and what would you like your musical legacy to be?

MLG: The ultimate goal is to grow my brand enough so I can start to do the work that is most important to me. That is to expand MXM Entertainment. We’d like to create safe social settings that people can creatively express themselves in any way they’d like. We’d like to work with individuals and coach them through their journey of making their dreams come to life. The goal is to serve others and give back.

Check out the video for “12.00AM” below and for more information on Matt LeGrand, visit his website, give his page a like on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.


Gemma Collins and Richard Blackwood are the first celebrity skaters confirmed for a brand new series of Dancing on Ice 2019, which returns to ITV in the New Year.

Gemma and Richard were announced during a live appearance on today’s This Morning.

Both will be getting their skates and sequins on ready to compete alongside eleven other celebrities in the quest for glory, under the watchful eye of the skating legends Torvill and Dean, who head up the judging panel.

Each week the twelve celebrities will skate live with their professional partners in a bid to impress both the panel and the viewers, who will ultimately decide who wins the show.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby once again return to present the show.

On joining the show, Gemma said “I know how hard it is. I’ve done my research! I am scared, I am nervous. I really want to give it a go. I love the costumes. I love fun factor!”

Richard added “I’m training because I know they’re going to put me in some tight stuff. There’s going to be a lot of shape. I’m training from now!”