The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16 – Superhero 0 247

Written by: Micah Schraft and Alex Katshelson

Directed by: Dermott Downs

Aired: 17th March 2014


With The Tomorrow People having been moved to Mondays in the US, it has some tough competition with Dancing With The Stars, which premiered on Monday.


The Tomorrow People is going into its sixteenth episode, Superhero, and has several huge revelations throughout the episode.


Superhero is full of action, in more ways than one for there is some action between Cara and John which is quite graphic for any opening. The weird device that Stephen found may lead him to his father, but of course, party animal Russell decides to take Stephen out and get him drunk and weird.


This time, there is a breakout using her powers to save people, and she appears to be someone Russell knew four years prior to joining John and Cara, and is known as the Red Avenger. And there’s more physical action in a flashback between Russell and the Red Avenger.


Meanwhile, Morgan goes topside to visit Jedikiah and get into his head, where there’s even more action on screen.


It’s pretty cool that the Tomorrow People are using their powers to help save people instead of just fighting each other, or defend each other. However, this creates problems. Russell’s view is already conflicting that with John and Cara’s view.


Oh by the way, when Cara tells John that Morgan is pregnant with Jedikiah’s baby, John goes topside just in time to save Morgan’s life who was being strangled by Jedikiah who realised that Morgan was trying to read his mind to help Stephen find his father’s body.


Hilary opens up to Stephen about her past, and they get closer, with her confessing she would do anything to protect people, “That is why I work for Ultra,” she is still terrifying as hell though.


Just being a free agent and doing random acts of kick-assery all over for Russell defies Cara and chooses ‘greatness’ which means no fighting Ultra and no fighting for them either.


Meanwhile, John tells Jedikiah the good news about Morgan. A hostage situation at a courthouse turns into ‘fun’ for Red Avenger Mallory and Russell, with Cara serving as a decoy to lure Ultra away.


Talia, the original Red Avenger, shows up and tells Russell goodbye. Then Hilary and Stephen hook up where she delivers hilarious line: “I’m going to debrief you so hard,”


So after this, Stephen used the information from Morgan and John, and uses the device to find his dad’s body, only to be caught by his Uncle Jedikiah, and the episode ends on this cliffhanger until episode 17.


What did you think about the episode?


The promo for the next Tomorrow People episode – Endgame – is shown above and will air on the 23rd March

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