True Blood Season 7 trailer is here. 0 282


Check out the official trailer for season seven. Producers have promised an action packed last series for the hardcore fans. So take a minute, pop the kettle on and sink your teeth into this new trailer. Oooh we’re blood suckingly excited.

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So this past weekend i went to watch Fighting with my Family, which is The Rock and Stephen Merchants‘ film based around the life of WWE Superstar Paige (Saraya Knight) and the Knight family based out of Norwich, England.

The main actors that are in the film are Florence Pugh, Nick Frost, Lena Heady who play the main roles of Paige, Ricky and Sweet Saraya which brought light and a true British grit to the movie, as there are plenty of times American people play British roles and that makes the film feel realistic and truly english, especially with the biggest American film star within the last 10 years The Rock rounding things out nicely.

With being a WWE Fan and knowing about the Knight family for the past 10/15 years and the amazing power that they have in the UK Wrestling scene its quite extraordinary, plus knowing of Britani Knight and her work on the UK Wrestling scene before her amazing jump to WWE made me feel super proud that there has been a film made about her come up and i feel personally her WWE career has still some amazing turns to make even though she is retired.

As said with being a WWE Fan i spotted a few plot holes that i didn’t understand and there was an inside joke that Vince Vaughn who played the role of the NXT trainer was called ‘Sex Tape’ which was clearly an inside dig that Paige has had some personal videos leak in the past that caused her emotional distress, so i don’t know why that was in the film.

Overall if we are giving it a 9/10 and I hope that Saraya (Paige) was truly happy with the turn out of the film, as that is the only thing that matters.



US actor Luke Perry has died aged 52 after suffering a stroke on Wednesday.

Perry became a household name for his role as Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills 90210 between 1990 and 2000. He more recently appeared as the construction business owner Fred Andrews in the US drama Riverdale.

Perry is also set to appear as Scott Lancer in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which is now in post-production.¬†Perry became a heart-throb in the 90s through his role as Dylan in 90210, with his image adorning the covers of magazines aimed at adolescent girls.