In a year which has already seen the world lose David Bowie and Alan Rickman among others to cancer, Bret “the hitman” Hart, the iconic former WWE superstar, has announced he is suffering from the prostate form of the disease.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, accompanied with a photo of him with his grand-children, the 58-year-old wrote:

“It is with great remorse that I feel compelled to speak truthfully to my friends, family and my millions of fans around the world. In the past few years, I’ve spent more than enough time paying the price for all those years trying to be the best there ever was as a professional wrestler. I executed excellently and my proudest claim was that I never seriously hurt or injured another wrestler in my 23 year career. I’ve paid a price for all that “fake” wrestling … Mark Helprin wrote: “We are all perfect clocks that Divinity has set to ticking when, even before birth, the heart explodes into a lifelong dance.” I’ve had a great lifelong dance and I’m a survivor of many hard battles. I now face my toughest battle. With hesitation and fear, I openly declare myself in my fight against prostate cancer. In the next few days, I will undergo surgery with the hope of defeating this nemesis once and for all. My fans have always looked upon me as a hero and I’ve always done my best to live up to that in and out of the ring. I beat the odds when I suffered my stroke in 2002, but it is now yet again, that I … stand unafraid and face the tough road ahead of me, I will march toward this destiny with his spirit chanting in my ear. I make a solemn vow to all of those that once believed in me, the dead and the living, that I will wage my fearsome fight against cancer with one shield and one sword carrying my determination and my fury for life, emboldened by all the love that’s kept me going this long already. Love is my weapon and I’ve got much of it around me all the time, for which I’m truly blessed and eternally grateful. My children, grandchildren, and my loving wife Steph have been and will constantly be at my side. I refuse to lose, I will never give in or give up, and I will win this battle or die trying. Most important of all, I hope can take the fight to prostate cancer. To be a leader in awareness and to set the example for men everywhere who find themselves in my very same shoes, that prostate cancer can be beaten. B x”

He was instantly inundated with messages of support from fans and fellow wrestlers past and present,together with wrestling company presidents and announcers, many of whom took to Twitter to pass on their well-wishes.

Famous for his leather jacket, pink spandex and sunglasses which he often gave to a young fan in the crowd, Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2006.

He comes from a family of much loved and respected wrestlers including brother Owen who died after an accident during his entry to the ring at an event in 1999.


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Already a renowned LA singer, dancer and producer, Shyra Sanchez has been a name on the lips and in the ears of dance music fans since the release of her single “DJ Love Song”, but it’s her latest track that’s starting to REALLY create a buzz about and around her. In support of World Pride, she’s created and just shared a new anthem titled “Universal Love” and with the song and the video racking up the listens and views, Shyra spoke to ThisIsTheLatest to tell all about the powerful message behind the piece and what we all can do to make the world a better and more harmonious place for us all, and for future generations.

TITL: Where did the idea for “Universal Love” come from? Is it something you’d been working on or had set aside for some time or is a fairly new project piece for you? 

Shyra Sanchez: The idea of “Universal Love” came from my understanding of knowing that the universe loves everyone unconditionally. It was on purpose the creator wanted us to understand in this time we are on this journey to teach and know love, that is what reflects the beauty in all humanity. For instance, the beauty of a rose and the equal beauty of a sunflower both different in their own right and collectively flowers. Nothing in creation was by mistake. We are collectively the human race. It’s the diversity that makes us beautiful…we are connected. 

TITL: How did you get Traig involved on the track and what would you say he brings/adds to the piece?

SS: We collaborated together to discuss what could be an impactful message of what we could share and promote that emphasis unity and love. 

TITL: With countries around the world celebrating Pride and encouraging others to support those in LGBTQ communities, what do you most want people to take from “Universal Love” when they hear it? 

SS: We are all one love. We share the same journey as we travel through this lifetime. The honor is purely mine when given at the highest respect. We all must support the spirit of humanity through love. Trust me when I say, the power of the universe is elevated by just one act of kindness. The goodness and the intention empowers all things. Greatness is in everyone. So, from the bottom of my heart, it is a privilege to have each and every one of you to share in my life. I am inspired by you all to see the great things you are doing!

TITL: Where did the idea/concept for the video come from?  

SS: The idea and video concept came from when consulting with my manager, John Singleton – he said that you should tell the truth in the message of the song so the video could relate to it. 

TITL: Your track and video follow hot on the heels of Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down”, the video for which also focuses heavily on the LGBTQ communities and the vitriol many individuals have faced and continue to as well as the generalised hate that’s often directed at people across social media. Would you like to see more artists speaking about about the mistreatment of such people, and working to encourage everyone to be accepting of one another in this way? Why do you think many don’t? 

Everyone has a freedom of speech. They can all use a platform to speak out against all injustice, against the world and humanity. 

TITL: Finally then, there’s so much violence and sadness in the world, do you honestly believe that universal love might one day be possible? What will it take, from each and every one of us, to help bring that day closer to a reality? 

SS: Each one of us has ability to practice Universal Love on a daily basis. Starting with loving ourselves if we learn to love ourselves then we will know how to treat one another. Live life on purpose! Do everything with intention. It is about being connected. Synchronize yourself with the energy of the universe bringing beauty to the presence of others. Spread joy, love, and kindness.

Check out the video for “Universal Love” below and for more information on Shyra, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook  or follow her on Twitter. Header photo credit: Rachel Richard.


Having just released her new single “Risk It All”, and currently working on a new EP, Aria Wunderland’s 2019 is proving to be pretty busy of late – not that she’s complaining. With musical inspiration stemming from the likes of Radiohead, Coldplay and Lorde among others, Aria is an indie pop artist who afraid to mix things up and put her own stamp on the world in her own way and she spoke to ThisIsTheLatest about the impact of social media, performance plans and her big ambitions for the future.

TITL: Which bands and artists were you most inspired or influenced by growing up and how, if at all, have those influences changed? How do they impact the music you make?  

Aria Wunderland: I initially fell in love with classical music as a small child and later started being influenced by pop, rock and hip hop music that was playing on the radio at the time. I’ve been heavily inspired by Radiohead, Kanye West, Fiona Apple, Coldplay. Most recently, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, Juice Wrld, Lana Del Rey, to name a few.

TITL: Who or what most inspires or influences your song-writing and to your mind, which song might you say is the greatest ever written?

AW: I tend to get inspired through other avenues of art like film, paintings, plays, etc. When I’m experiencing writer’s block I usually go see a really good movie or spend the day at an art museum. Greatest song every written. That’s a tough one! I’d say maybe “Imagine” by John Lennon.

TITL: To what extent might you say your classical training has helped or hindered your career, and what advice would you give to anyone looking at undertaking such lessons/training like that?

AW: Classical training is great and serves its purpose, especially when your goal is to learn timeless pieces written by our great composers. You just have to be careful when song-writing pop music and not allow theory to make you over think what you’re doing. A lot of what we do is intuitive and thinking too much about the formula behind everything can hinder this.

TITL: Is there a story behind your latest single “Risk It All” and what made you decide to release it as a single?

AW: Yes! “Risk It All” describes a passionate late night out and succumbing to all of your deepest desires. It’s about abandoning all concepts of time, social norms, personal inhibitions, responsibility, morality, etc.; just risking it all. I tend to get in my head and overthink decisions a lot. This song was written about being free and spontaneous and it was a sentiment I was recently really identifying with. When deciding which song to release next this one just made sense.

TITL: Have you been working on any new material lately? Any chance we can expect an EP or album from you in the near future?

AW: Yes, I am always working on new music! I have a new song I just wrote that I’m very excited about and it might be my next single! I have about 5 songs prepared for my EP so far so stay tuned as it should be put out before the end of this year!

TITL: As someone who is part of a very technology reliant industry, and society in general, do you think it’s possible for artists today to achieve success and earn a following without the likes of Spotify and social media? How have the likes of Twitter impacted your career and how much would you say you engage with fans on platforms like that?

AW: I think it’s certainly possible to achieve success without social media. Anything is possible but it would take longer and it would entail other means of marketing. I’m not an avid user of the Twitter platform. I do have a Twitter account but I tend to use Instagram and Spotify mostly. I am very thankful for these platforms as they have given me the autonomy to get my music out there and find fans that really like me and are enrolled in my brand.  

TITL: What’s the nicest/best thing someone has said/written about you so far? What would be the greatest compliment you could receive? How do you handle any more negative comments/press that comes your way?

AW: Someone recently praised my lyrical content and I was very honored to receive that type of compliment. I put a lot of thought into my lyrics and sometimes worry that no one’s actually paying attention. I would say the best compliment I could receive would be something related to my music helping someone or enhancing their life in some way. I would love to use my platform to help people in a meaningful way. Negative press is challenging. I try to focus on the people that actually love me and support me. Those are the people that matter and I’m so thankful for them.

TITL: Are there any tour dates lined up? Would you like to head over here and play in the UK?

AW: I would LOVE to play in the UK. I’ve been to London a few times and it’s one of my favorite cities. I’m planning a US bi-coastal tour first and depending on how that goes, I would love to do some dates overseas. 

TITL: If you could play any venue that you haven’t played yet, and have three bands or artists, past or present, for support, where would you play and who would you pick?

AW: I would love to play at Radio City Music Hall since it’s an iconic venue in Manhattan with an old New York feel. I’d ask Amy Winehouse, Tupac and Coldplay.

TITL: What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you? What are you goals for the coming months?

AW: I just filmed a music video that I’m in the process of editing. My short term goal is to release the video. For the rest of 2019 I plan to finish my EP, have a release party and get some dates for an upcoming tour.

TITL: Finally then, as an artist still considerably early into their career, what are your long-term ambitions? What’s on the bucket list and what would you have to achieve for you to look in the mirror and say “Wow..I made it”?

AW: My long term ambitions are to continue to make music and touch lives. I would like to grow my audience and while commercial success isn’t that important to me, I’d feel like I’ve made it if my fan base has grown enough for me to have a sold out international tour.

Check out “Risk It All” below and for more information on Aria Wunderland, visit her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.